Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

holy snow!!
we measured and had around eight inches of it on the back deck.
i swear at one time it was coming down like rain.  insane.

on to the weekend.
friday night i came home, picked up the kids, threw some tilapia and veggies in the oven while i changed clothes and packed the kids pjs.
i probably had on four different "neon" type outfits for cosmic bingo.
when i finally decided on the one i wanted stella says "that's what you're going to wear?"
i freaked - what - did you like something else better - does this not match - too casual.
cassie - get it together - she is FIVE.
she ended up telling me she liked what i was wearing the best.
whew - that was close!
ps - i have created a monster.
we all ate and then headed to papa and pam's.
i don't even think i existed once they walked in the door.
that always seems to happened at grandparents houses.
what happened to those days of the baby sitter having to distract the kids just so you can sneak out the door as quickly and quietly as possible.  tear.
anyways, i headed down to meet lacie in rocher for comic bingo.
and seriously - it was a BLAST!!
i would recommend EVERYONE going to the one at the catholic school on april 24th!
well - if they can ever decide to keep the right event on facebook.
anyone else notice that?  driving me crazy.
anyways - it was SO MUCH FUN!!
and pay outs of $100 a round - and during one specialty round a girl at our table won over $400!!  seriously - it was a blast.
i suggest for everyone to go.
jon picked up the kids when he got off work and when i got home at 11 - everyone was still awake.
i walked into the smell of popcorn, giggles and everyone snuggled in my bed.
and i spoil them??  right......
stella quickly let me in on the fact that they had a pickles, string cheese and popcorn picnic.
but they weren't supposed to tell mom.  lol.
saturday morning jon was off to work some OT and we slept in.
we cancelled the magic house since we were all traveling and the snow was supposed to start around noon.  it was probably a good thing we did.
by time jon got home, we had made it out of the house to run to IGA and STS.
stella got some new workout gear.
henry crash for a THREE HOUR NAP
and jon taught stella how to drink out of the fridge.
bahahaha - this picture cracks me up.
we made a big dinner and finished off a few drinks.
lol - promise there wasn't much left in these bottles.
i had one glass of wine, and jon had two margs.
the chocolate milk though - that's ALL henry - lush.
the next morning we woke up to a TON of snow.
stella and i had plans to go see Disney's Frozen on Ice with her bff Loreli.
and the snow didn't stop us.
loreli's gma picked us up and we all headed to STL.
and honestly - the roads were not bad at all.
the show was AWESOME!!
i have to say my favorite part was when all of the princesses and princes came out at the beginning and the end.  nice work disney!!
how many more months until our disney vacation?!  lol.
once we got home we found the boys like this
typical.  lol.
but we had plans to go sledding so it didn't stay like this long.
we bundled up and headed out to jon's gma and gpa's house to meet his cousins.
the kids LOVED IT!!  they even went down the hills by themselves and everything.
it was awesome!!
we stopped by jon's mom and dad's house to warm up and catch up with them and then headed to dinner at tequila's with nana later.
got home to take baths, turned on the TV and not too many people made it through one episode of Love It or List It.  lol.
i would say it was a good weekend!

cheers to a good week!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday!

PTL it's Friday!
this week has really flown by so i'm not complaining.
on to my top five.

i finally got the nerve this week to brave the block and a half walk to starbucks.
and it was worth every.single.step.

i got a caffe latte with coconut milk and one splenda.
i have a new love.
so so good!
and ONLY 90 calories!!

i have really been doing good on my eating.
well, minus getting imo's on monday night.
you win some, you lose some, 
but honestly, getting up at 4:45 to workout at 5 just gives me the want to make something healthy when i get home for breakfast and keep my mind on healthy choices for the rest of the week.
my top picks for the week.
sausage and mushroom eggs quiche with greek yogurt.. 
whole wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas.
i had two pieces of toast and one whole banana.
and more peanut butter than i should probably admit.  lol.
#tellmeimnotalone #givemeallthepeanutbutter

this boy.
he has been a trooper this week with all the creams and stuff he is having to have applied.
and my goodness he is just the cutest.

some nights you just need a hot bath, some wine and chips.
what was that i was saying about eating healthy?  lol.
it was just one glass.
and i didn't eat the chips until i got out of the tub.  promise.

my OOTDs for the week.
i have been much better about taking my outfit pictures.
yes, i have been slacking.
top left - STS jacket, STS tee, and jeans - no i am not trying to sell you insurance. #butitlookslikeit
top right - my canadian tuxedo.  lol.  i had doubts about this outfit.  but i am really loving it.  even if it looks like i'm going to go weld something.  lol.  now my biggest struggle, what shoes?  heels or booties.  just warm up already so i can wear my heels!!
bottom left - STS tunic, STS bubble necklace, STS black fleece leggings, STS tall brown boots - ummmm yes i have an obsession with STS.  but the main thing to pay attention to here - I CURLED MY HAIR!  this never happens, like ever.  and especially during the week.  i have to give stella all the credit.  she has been wanting her hair curled in the morning, and well since we are BFFs and BFFs do the same stuff, i went for it!
bottom right - my girl shannon gifted me this tee and it was just perfect for wednesday!!
middle - it was an STS kind of morning for me and Stella.
STS piko for me, STS leggings for her.
booties for the both of us.
ready to take on the day!!

ps - my dogs are awesome photobombers.  never fails.

headed to play my first ever cosmic bingo tonight.
so excited.
and then hoping to see my hickey girls tomorrow with all of our babies!!
we will officially be outnumbered.  more kids than adults!!
stay warm and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grab a Kleenex

it's no hidden secret.
stella and i LOVE weddings.
seriously, we honestly watch weddings videos a few times a week.
stella knows the songs by heart.
the words by heart.
she pays so much attention to the details.
it's adorable.
and she totally calls me out when i cry while watching them.  lol.

i heard about this wedding video while driving to work today.
because i am a grandma and listen to talk radio in the morning.
well, i don't feel the today's show radio on xm dates me too much.  but anyways.

this video is just adorable!!
i can see this being jon.
stella always tells him to stay with us for 100 years.
it's just the cutest thing ever.

i will have to be certain to like them on facebook and show this to stella.
PS - if you have a wedding video or know of anyone we could like on facebook let us know.  we seriously have about five pages we have liked and we have watched ALL of the videos.
stella checks back on a weekly basis.
not even kidding you.
or if you just want to invite us to just the wedding part of your big day, we will be good with that too.  we will quietly sit in the back, take it all in and go about our day.  lol.

ps - thank you all for the kind words yesterday.
there were a handful of negative comments.
i expected them; but chose not to publish them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

There's a New Girl

I need advice.
Someone to relate to.
Someone to tell me my feelings are legit. 

There’s a new girl.

Which honestly, I am SO excited about.
During Christmas I had to experience my child hold on to her carseat for dear life because she refused to get out of the car and go to her Dad’s.  I sat there trying to console her and tell her it would only be for one night.  When her Dad got her out of her seat she hit him and told him she hated him.
I can’t even describe the feeling that came over my body.  I was stiff.  Scared.  Shocked.  I hurt for her so much.
She has struggled so much with going there.
Maybe it was because of the holidays and not being on our normal schedule. 
Regardless, it was sad.
I prayed so hard for this issue to end.  For love and happiness and the will to want to go there to come.
Fast forward two weeks.
I head over to pick up my children and notice a car parked out front of his house.
Didn’t think anything of it; honestly I assumed it was someone at the neighbor’s house.
I did my usual, knock twice and walk right now.
Stella came running down the hallway, happy as can be.
And then came some unfamiliar footsteps.
A woman.
A quick, “Cassie this is so and so,” is all that was spoken.
I reached out my hand and said nice to meet you.
In return I got a very soft tip of the hand handshake.
And I am a freak about handshakes.
They say SO much about a person.
A firm handshake is key.  I am weird and really never forget how a person shakes hands.
But anyways.  Stella was happy.  Henry was happy.  That house felt happy.
And I left there feeling happy too.
I felt it was the answer to my prayers!!
I gave it about a day or so and I texted my ex and asked for a bit more info on the new girl.
How long they had known each other, how he decided it was time for her to meet the kids, etc.
It was clearly stated that she is just a friend, and a bit of information was exchanged on her.
Nothing else more.
All I know is they met New Years Day, and she met my kids less than ten days later.

It’s been a month since I met her.
My kids enjoy her; talk nothing but highly of her and that’s amazing.
But I want to know more.
An early 30s woman, who meets a man the beginning of January, agrees to meet his kids around one week later dating, and from what I see, is there a good majority of the time.
Everytime my kids are there, she is there.
Again, which helps tremendously with the struggle of my kids going there.  Which I am grateful for.
I have asked my ex for her phone number.  I do not need to know her every move.
I just want to know more about the person who is QUICKLY becoming a part of my children’s lives.

Does she want kids and marriage ASAP?
I know as a 28 year old the want to be married and have more children is strong.  I can only believe the want for a 30 something is even stronger.  But maybe not.  Again, just a question I have.  And I feel I have the right to know.

Just a reminder this has happened before.  One month after our divorce was final a girl and her child were introduced to my children.  She was around a handful of times; and then BAM, gone.  And S&H never saw her or her son again.
Who is left to answer the questions?  Me.  And I can’t answer them.
Sure they are young and now if I brought up the old girls name they may not remember.
But it’s not healthy.
Trust me I pray on a daily basis for whatever is going on to stay.  To be a positive step forward.
But I deserve to know more about her.

It took me almost a YEAR to let Jon even drive my children somewhere without me.  To pick them up from the baby sitters.  To leave them home alone with him.
One – it’s not his job to have to watch them, care for them, entertain them.
And two – I felt guilty.
I wanted to make sure 100% my children were comfortable with him and ok with the new change that was brought into their lives and that he was 100% comfortable as well.  He has never been married and has never had kids.  This was a WHOLE NEW WORLD for him as well.

And for a woman who has known them for one month to be put into that same situation is not fair.  And scary coming from the mom; because I don’t know the type of person she is.
Kids are hard.  Stressful.  Messy.  Wild.  And for someone who has spent over 30 years not used to that; and then being put into that situation in less than a month’s time.  HOLY SMOKES!

So, like I said, I have asked for her phone number and was told that’s not ever going to happen.
I try to create small talk when I am there to pick up my children and it’s cut off by my ex.
What do I do?

Do I reach out via FB and see if I can get to know her.  And then look like a creep because I looked her up on FB?
Do I tell her how I have asked my ex for more info on her and he refuses so now I have to go behind his back?
I just feel like I can’t find the right, mature, adult way of going about this.
One – because I have never had to.

Some might say to maybe mimic how it went between Jon and my ex.  Truth is, Jon is a wall to my ex.
90% of the time my ex acts like Jon doesn’t even exist.
It’s so sad.

Ugh – maybe just getting it off my chest has helped.

I am going to continue down the road that my kids are enjoying her company, she loves doing Stella’s hair, and everyone seems happier.  But the mom in me needs to know the real emotions.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!!  happy tuesday.
it's supposed to get WARM today.  YAY!
a whole 41 degrees.
heat wave.
ha - for us it seriously is though.  every day it's like 10 for a high.
over it.

on to the weekend........
friday night i worked at ck.
the kids were off to their dads house.
i kicked lent off right with some good ole CK fish.  YUM!
once i got home i took a shower and i was OUT.
when i woke up in the morning my hair looked very similar to this.
i slept HARD.
i headed back to work at CK.
jon was already done and gone butchering with his brother.
even with the ice storm the night before, CK had a nice crowd.
the things people will risk for some good country kitchen breakfast.  lol.
i know the feeling.
we got done and i headed home to clean up and head to a bowling fundraiser.
the CK girls had a team together and we had a BLAST!
so ready for holiday world with all of them!!
jon showed up around 4 and got to enjoy the fun for awhile.
the next round was starting at 6:00 so we headed back home and grabbed some dinner.
we were home and sleeping by 8:30.
no joke.  lol.
needless to say 6:30 a.m. sunday morning we were both laying there wide awake.  ha.
so we did what normal old people would do that early on a sunday, made some coffee and watched documentaries on netflix.  ha.
be jealous of our wild life.
around nine jon headed out to finish up stuff from yesterday.
i cleaned house and then headed to a baby shower for one of my good friends kendra who is getting ready to join the two kids club!!
it was a painting party and it was so nice getting together!!
before i knew it it was 6:00 and stella, jon and i had plan to go and get pedis.
little did we know EVERY PLACE IN WATERLOO was closed by 7:00.
what the heck.
so we enjoyed a quick dinner and then ice cream.
we headed to pick up henry from my dad's house and then called it a night.

yesterday i worked a bit and then headed to the doctor with henry.
he has had this horrible rash on the inner parts of his thighs the past couple of weeks.
i assumed it was from wetting the bed, but it's been really bad lately.
come to find out he has eczema!
$27 worth of jock itch cream later, he should be one happy camper.
poor guy!!

and now it's already tuesday!  whew.
have a great week!

Friday, February 20, 2015

10 Bests // Life Lately

hi!  we are alive.
but whew, BUSY!!
so let's talk about life lately.

one - snow.  we sure have a lot of it.
and it's freaking COLD.  calling off school because of the below zero wind chills.  crazy.
but these cats are LOVING it.
and 80 pounds of kids being pulled around the yard sure is a workout!

two - dogs.  why do they LOVE to just chill out in the snow.
i called for them to come in the other day and they are both just laying out in the yard IN the snow, like ugh, already mom.  lol.  makes no sense.
or maybe they just wana get away from the craziness inside.  lol.

three - stella and i both had doctor's appointments on thursday so we spent some much needed time together.  her appointment was first, then we ran by my work to get some work done before we headed to my appointment.
she was cracking everyone up.
she was drinking some water and got some on her shirt and said, "i knew i should have worn black today."  everyone lost it.
 in the conference room there were two other guys at the table as well.
but look who was at the head!  lol.  in charge.

four - my doctor's appointment was for my yearly.  TMI?
well, sorry.  but i just had to put that in there because i brought my FIVE year old to my yearly.
i was REALLY worried about her wanting to ask 3983098 questions.  but she did SO good.
however i dread what she may tell others......
she was mostly concerned on WHY i had to take my pants off.  lol.

five - i started working out.
at 5 A.M.
no joke - and i LOVE IT!
it's my lenten promise.  i promise to be better to myself.
i am over being a lazy butt.  sure, i work out with stella and i work out on sundays, but i need to do something a little more.
let the crossfit jokes start.  i hear them enough already.
i don't say bro or talk about lifting heavy shit and stuff.
i go there for myself.  to be more confident.  to be a better person.
and it's great!

six - i have been working out for three days and i can't even begin to tell you how much better of a mood i am in.  even for being up at 4:45 a.m. every day!!  lol.
these 40 days are going to be awesome.  i am so excited.
i just want to be better physically, mentally and emotionally.
and i can already see that happening.  yay!!

seven - oh, one more subject of working out.
i just can't do those protein shakes, energy drinks, etc.
i mean well unless it's sugarfree red bull with vodka.  THAT i can do!  lol.
but if anyone has any other drinks to offer let me know.
otherwise it's a shit ton of water and coffee.
which i have to admit is no longer black.  yep, instead it's just coffee and coconut milk.
the coconut milk acts like a sweetener as well.

eight - i am going to jimmy buffet in june!!
you have NO IDEA how happy that makes me!!

again - no need for words.
that says it all.  i'm SO ready!!

ten - these two.
she can get her brother to do anything.
he will do just about anything for her.
love them.

have a great weekend!!