Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Henry!

on sunday, henry turned four.
i can't say that i am like holy cow how is he four - but it truly has flown by.
he is becoming such a little man lately and i love it.
i think the terrible threes are officially gone.
because let's be honest it's not just the twos anymore.  lol.
he had an awesome birthday party yesterday with all of his friends and family.
thank you to all who helped make it a success!

henry is ALL boy now a days.
loves his weapons and fighting and being a ninja.
loves getting dirty.
loves to run, everywhere.
but still loves to snuggle.
and that i will take any day.

henry george,
my wish for you is that you continue being the unique, lovable, courageous, loyal young man you are today.  every day i am prouder and prouder of you and i can't thank you enough for that.
watching you grow up and mature has been quite the adventure.
it may take you a bit to get started in the morning but once you are ready to take on the day you go with full force.
i love that you still get excited when i pick you up for linda's to see your momma.
it melts my heart and is the best part of my day.
i love how much you enjoy spending time with jon.
he has really shown you a lot of things and you have taken to them so well.
i can't wait for you and him to make more memories as the years pass.
and i love your heart for everyone in your life.
whether it's always making sure to get two gatorades when we are at the store, one for you and one for jon.  and you always remember his favorite kind.
or picking flowers for your momma whenever you see them.
or opening the door for your sister in the car, well whenever she isn't yelling at you for taking too long.
you have a heart of gold and i am blessed to be your momma.
happy birthday buddy.
love always,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

boy were we on the go this weekend.
whew - even stella said, we got a lot done!  lol.
i agree sister.
friday night was jon's mom's birthday.
even though jon had to work we still took part in the festivities.
dinner first and then some fun times.
we waited for jon to get off work and meet us at sportos.
the adults enjoyed the patio while i was on kid patrol.
which i enjoyed.
we were there til way past our bedtime.
but that didn't stop them.  they were up bright and early at 7:30 the next morning.
we made some breakfast and then headed to get the dogs nails clipped.
two dogs, two helpers and one mom.
yeah - chaos.
even the vet tech was like do you need help?!
ha - no no sweet lady, i have MORE than enough help this morning.  lol.
later that afternoon we headed out for another birthday dinner for jon's mom.
we had plans to go to a brazilian place in st. charles but we couldn't get in until 9:00.
and i don't think the kids would make it til then.
so we headed to hibachi.
which took the kids a bit to warm up to, but the next day they were telling everyone about it!
even henry mastered the chop sticks.
and then we headed to see the new Minions movie.
it was cute.
took a bit to get going, but we enjoyed it.
especially the end!
sunday jon was off fishing early in the morning.
his last free day before he started school.
so we just hung out at home and did some grocery shopping.
we had plans to meet katie and kathy at the magic house that afternoon.
i don't think we had been there all summer!
it was well over due and the kids were looking forward to it!
this courtroom was loud - who had the bright idea to make the microphones real?!
and the kids finally made it to the top of the beanstalk.  they were pumped!
i think our times for good pictures are long gone.  lol.
more kids than adults.
all in all we had a GREAT TIME!!
we headed home where jon had the grill going.
some ribs, brats and hot dogs.
so so good.
we finished off the night with an evening swim and some cookie making.
and taste testing.
jon is off to school today and stella is ready to start her first week of school where she has to walk in all by herself.
the doors are locked so parent's can not come in.  they can walk them in the door.
i have no worries that stella is ready for this and can do this herself.
so send some positive vibes her way.

have a great week!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of School!

the first day of school has come and gone.
by now stella is on her third day and henry has just finished his second.
stella of course goes every day and henry goes tuesdays and thursdays.
so let's talk about how the first day went.
everyone was up early and ate some breakfast and things were going good.
happy, smiling, cooperating.
things were going great.
everyone took their pictures - henry was even being goofy.
which was a great sign.
even managed to get a few good shots.
but i think the nervous hands on henry should have been a sign.
about five minutes later i said the words "let's go to school!" and henry froze.
yes buddy, let's go.
and then tears.
lots and lots of tears.
we made it to his school and he didn't want to get out of the car.
i had to carry him.
and then i made him walk in.
teachers were like "good morning, henry!"  and he just did all he could to hold it together.
we got in the room and we took his book bag to his cubby.
and then led him over to play where he knew it was coming.
mommy was going to leave.
and the tears were a flowing.
and i have to admit - i started to cry too.
he had enough in him to pull out that fake smile and his awesome teacher got him to focus on playing with the other boys.
yeah the nine of them that are in his class.
and only four girls.
that poor teacher.
we managed to scoot out.
i have to admit i was drying up my tears.
it was HARD!
stella on the other hand was over by the door taping her foot ready to go.
i am pretty sure if we would have waited any longer she would have spoken up.
something like "henry, you are fine,  i am going to be late for school."
not even kidding.
so we said our goodbyes and headed to sissy's school.
and just to be expected.
she remembered where her room was, where her locker was and it was just like that.
she was ready to be a kindergartner.
she let me get a picture with her and her teacher, give her a hug and a kiss and that was it.
jon and i headed off to breakfast where i drowned my sorrows in coffee.
it was 11:00 before i knew it and we headed to pick up henry.
he was SO excited to see me and told me right away that he had a great day!
he told me all about it, they had fruit loops, sang head, shoulders, knees and toes really fast, and got to run in the gym and get sweaty.
i would call that a good day too buddy.
and then he told me - i won't cry the next time.
proud momma.
we all met papa for lunch at mcdonald's to celebrate.
and then enjoyed some swimming.
before we knew it it was time to pick up sissy.
i am SO proud of both of them!!

i am happy to report henry walked right in to school today and didn't shed a tear.
handled it like a pro.
and of course, so did stella.

here's to a great school year!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Take a Listen Tuesday - Shots

while i take in the first day of school i am going to share this song.
imagine dragons are on it this year.  loving their music.

and to all you parents sending your babes off to school today.
i feel ya.
deep breaths,
we got this.
and they will be fine.

have a great day!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

we had such a nice little weekend!!
and now it's 90 degrees and i have an awesome summer cold.
like what the hell?!
my throat is all gross, my nose won't stop running.
heck, my kids aren't even back in school yet and i am sick.
i thought they are the ones who bring the colds home.
who knows.
i am dosing up on sinus meds and crossing my fingers.
i am off tomorrow to take the kids to school so let's pray i feel better!

on to the weekend......

friday night stella and henry headed with papa to celebrate my grandpa's 75th birthday.
then they were headed to aunt lacie and phi's house to spend the night.
first time ever and they were excited!!
i was off to celebrate my bff's 28th birthday.
and it was a wig party.
ha - this picture was taken at our first stop.
we had a blast!!

saturday morning the kids were back at 7:30 and we chilled most of the morning.
we met up with some people i work with and their kids and picked peaches at eckarts.
oh my goodness the peaches are SO good!!
when we got done there we met up with papa in town and got some bbq.
stella requested these chips.
she is obsessed with them.
i had like one and that was about enough for me.
saturday night we headed to jon's grandparents house for cornfest.
the food was great, especially the corn.
i think we were all passed out by 9:30.

sunday morning we got up early and headed to springfield for the fair.
we were going to meet Paw Patrol and they kids were so excited!!
we waited in line for 45 minutes in the heat - for ONE picture!
i mean, at least it was a good picture.  lol.
and of course we had to stop and see the butter cow.
yes, that's a huge cow.
sculpted out of butter.
and a farmer.
and if you look really close there's a calf and a young boy.
all made out of butter.
worth the trip - i tell you what.  lol.
we headed back to danielle's house to cool off and then got on the road by 5.
again, we all crash and were out early.
i would say our last weekend of summer break was a great way to end it!