Friday, January 23, 2015


praise the lord it's FINALLY friday.
wait, PTL!  lol.
i feel like i haven't used that in forever.
even with having monday off i felt like this has been the LONGEST week ever.
and the hardest.  oh my gosh i am stressed.
worn out.
and READY for the weekend!!

we have a pretty low key one planned which is great.
an overdue christmas party and a kid's birthday party.
otherwise you will find us in our comfy clothes lounging.

i haven't done a currently post in awhile so here we go!

LISTENING TO:   well, i am REALLY trying to like the new t-swift CD and i just can't.  i was really excited to get it, but then ugh, it's kind of a let down.  i am just not getting into the songs.  help!!

EATING: trying my hardest to eat better, but that week before your period, yeah it's not looking good.  i had livers and gizzards with my dad last night.  i doubt those are allowed on ANYONE's diet.....  i have been sticking to my apple and almond butter for breakfast.

DRINKING: water and black coffee.  nothing else.  i made it ALL week with ZERO adds in my coffee, so i rewarded myself with an iced coffee from mcdonalds this morning.  it's the little things.

WEARING: vests, just about  i love them!

LOVING: that we are doing some more DIYs around the house.  fingers crossed for a quilt ladder this weekend!!

STARING AT: the clock, is it the weekend yet?! 

have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stair DIY (Part 1)

nothing like a random wednesday night DIY.
the kids are at their dad's wednesday night and thursday night this week so if i want these stairs painted, THIS is the time.
i worked on stella's birthday present last night, HOPEFULLY adding the final coat of paint (and a blog post to come soon!) and after that i walked right up stairs and just started painting.
and i just couldn't stop!  lol.
i did wake jon up to warn him i was taking the plunge.
i think he cringed because i know how much time it took him to paint our good luck charlie steps this past summer.  so yes, not even a year of these steps and we are already changing.
and i though i had issues with change?!  ayi.
moving on.
so when we moved in they were carpet.
plus two dogs.
it needed to go!
so we ripped it out and used our good luck charlie inspiration and painted them green.
we LOVED them!
but jesus they get SO dirty!!  well, maybe it's just that they show SO much dirt.
regardless i was over it.
i have had this pinned for quite some time and it's really want i want.
i thought we could play around with some color but in all reality i just love classic touches.
so as of last night all the kick boards are going to white.
picking up the brown tonight and praying we can bust this baby out in no time!!
this is only after one coat, lol.  i applied two last night.
hopefully we have success.
if not, i'm buying a stair runner!

here's to more DIYs coming your way from us (fingers crossed)!!
we have been off the DIY train for a few months, but i am getting the itch again.  lol.
have a great day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!  i took the holiday off yesterday for some much needed R&R, family time and just recovering time.  i felt on sunday night we were all just coughing and had runny noses.  ugh.
so we chose to stay at home yesterday.
and there's nothing wrong with that!
on to the weekend....
S&H were with their dad this weekend so friday night i picked up a dresser/desk that jon and i are re-doing for stella's birthday.
our wild night consisted of sanding the desk and watching netflix.
saturday morning i was up early to work at ck.
i brought up the fact that jon told me he wanted to get his first pedicure on saturday to some of the workers and they admitted they were due for one too.
so after work we piled into the car and headed to get pedis.
jon is hooked.
i gave lily's a second chance - ugh, i just don't care for that place.
the water was cold and i felt like it was the quickest pedi ever.
jon is game for another one so we will have to try american nails next time.  lol.
after pedis we enjoyed the mexican dairy queen and then headed to the office for one drink.
which turned into ONE TOO MANY drinks.
i have some funny recordings of ms. ashley and i on my phone as well.
ha - every thing hurt on sunday .
jon had to do some electrical work for a friend sunday morning (poor thing, i know he was hurting) and i didn't get out of bed until 11.  lol.  my mom sent us a text asking if we wanted to go for a hike down in valmeyer.
we were both game so we headed out with her.
we got back about an hour before S&H came home.
we hung out the rest of the night.
like i said monday we took the day off, but had to get out of the house a little bit for some birthday/photo shoot shopping for ms. thang.
she had quite the audience in the dressing room at old navy and was soaking up the attention.
her pictures with creative bent are tonight and i just can't wait!!
we might hit up applebee's after (kids eat free on tuesday nights) and we take FULL advantage of that kind of stuff!!  lol.
have a great week!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday!!

so i was here, and then i was gone.
yikes.  sorry.
i had all kinds of posts ready for this week too.
just never got a second in the day to hit publish.
so let's just throw them all into one.
looks like it's just weekend and week round ups around here.  opps!
so what have we been up to this week?
LOTS of barbie parties.
it's like the bachelor on drugs.
i think we have three boy barbies.  all the rest girls.
and by the way have you SEEN some of the outfits they make for barbie now a days?!
holy smokes!
when we aren't playing with barbies we are throwing on our head lamps and looking for just about anything henry can come up with.
i am sure our neighbors think we have robbers a couple times a week.
lights off, head lamps on, mini flashlights. 
it's a sight to see.  lol.
my WWIW has been SLACKING this week.
so here is just a quick catch up.
and look at that hair DOWN so many times this week.
kim i truly hope you are seeing this.  lol.
but don't think our week has been all great.
we experience this just about EVERY night.
nooooo - don't make me turn off the ipad.
i do not want to go to sleep!!
that face :(

i put this on IG and thankfully i am not alone.
whew, this boy needs an intervention.  lol.

i have some DIY-ing going on this weekend.
redoing a vanity/desk for stella's birthday.  SO excited!!
have a great weekend!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

hope everyone had a great weekend.
friday night i got off work, headed home, changed clothes, packed a bag, loaded up the dogs, picked up lacie and headed to springfield for the concert.
it was my first time seeing the Josh Abbott Band, and i am IN LOVE!!
they were awesome!
do yourself a favor and pandora them for the rest of the day.
you're welcome.
we had a blast!!
we got up saturday morning, had a quick breakfast and then headed back home.
we needed to be home by 12:00 so i could get ready for a baby shower at 1:00.
and we got home at 1:00.
made it to the shower by 1:30.
that's including picking up stella and getting her dressed and ready.
once the shower was over i came home and tackled laundry that seemed to have piled up WAY to quickly, took a nice long bath, turned on a movie and went straight to sleep.
i woke up around 8;30 when stella and henry called to facetime.
got up, ate something, and back to bed i went.
jon was out at a diaper party and he got home around 11:30 or something.
i don't even remember - i was out.
sunday morning we slept in until 9:30.
and then headed out to buy jon a suit.
$400 later..... he looks handsome.
we grabbed some lunch and stopped by kendra's house to visit for a bit.
when we got in town we had some errands to run and before we knew it it was time to pick up the kids.
once we picked them up my dad called and invited us to get some ice cream.
which we NEVER turn down!
once we got home it was wedding time!
never a dull moment.

have a great week!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday!!

i almost made it! 
i tried my hardest to blog every single day this week.
sorry about the let down yesterday.
busy, busy, busy!
but all in all it's been a GREAT week!

monday i finalized the details for stella's fifth birthday party!
a salon birthday.
mini pedis, painted nails, hair curled and some makeup.
oh my goodness i just can't wait!!

my body.
i have REALLY REALLY focused on eating well this week and kicking the sugar.
this whole no soda thing is doing wonders.
like i said i was never a big soda drinker, but i could totally tell after i had one how my body was reacting.  so along with that i am trying to drink my coffee black.
yes - black.  deep breaths.
when i came back to work on monday i made my normal cup of coffee with fake creamer and one sugar.  oh my god my body bloated like no ones business.  i was MISERBALE the rest of the day.
i brought in honey the next day.
poured myself a cup of coffee, added honey, my life is forever changed.
and so is my gut.  ahhhh - i think it's singing praises!
and this morning i feel like i can totally tell how much my body is loving these simple changes.

stella and i were back at our hard core workout routines last night.
and let's talk about how much listening to bruno mars uptown funk helps.
i think it played a good three times in a row last night and neither of us complained.
i have to share my new love with you all.
her instagram feed is amazing.
her workouts - great!
it's a new love affair that i have.  enjoy!

i have a little boy who is becoming pretty independent and i love it.
to say he is in love with all his new toys is an understatement.
last night while sissy and i were "working out" he managed to create this in his room.
trains, tractors, legos, everywhere.
i thought lucy was supposed to be watching him..... lol.

heading to spend some time with my sisters tonight.
going to see the josh abbott band.  should be fun!

have a great weekend!!