Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What We Really Meant to Say....

it's no lie that we all love us a good emoji.
yep - we do.
i saw this floating around facebook and it's spot on.
i am pretty sure i text this to kim daily.

and this - ha - i swear anytime i know i am going to have fun.
this gets used.

bahaha - is it bad that i can make this face in real life too?  lol.
spot on.
no words - just this.

and now instead of typing lol when i have nothing else to say - i use this.
usually followed by a few of them if it's really damn funny.

this means praying regardless.
constantly used for - pray for me - aka - see above.
also followed by multiple praying hand gestures.  lol.

bahahaha - yes - this guy may be running, but in real life it mean RUN LADY - get the eff out of there - FAST!
this is usually followed by a good 10-50 of these guys.
run run run!

and this one - when it comes to working out - yes - yes - yes.
not disappointed or relieved.
swearing my damn ass off.
self induced.  lol.

have a great wednesday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!
it's raining - again.  blah.
i promise it's not my fault this time.
i swear it rained all day on friday because of me.  never fails.
when i straight my hair and it's really working for me.
it rains.
but today - pony tail - still raining.  oh well.
on to the weekend.
i started my friday with my low tire pressure light coming on while stuck in traffic.
i am pretty sure one of my biggest fears is being stuck on the side of the road with a flat.
so i was freaking.
according to my car my right rear was low by about 3 pounds.
i was like ok, that's not terrible.  i can make it to the nearest dobbs.
so i did - PTL - and then got hammered with a price for new tires.
when i finally got home, we grabbed a quick dinner and then headed to lacie's house to meet danielle.  we hung out there for the night and talked all things wedding!!
loved it!!
saturday morning we were up for soccer.
and henry hated it again.
stella did great at her game.
they really have a good little team!
after that we headed home for some naps!
henry had an evening filled with some one on one papa time.
and stella and i headed out for some girl time.
she said we looked like farmers.
well - i think we are some stylish farmers!  lol.
ha - waiting for our ride.
four going on fourteen.
we had a nice little evening and henry did SO good with papa.
sunday morning we all got some much needed sleep.
we headed for out for our sunday WOD with some of our favorite workout girls.
stella got in on the workouts too
henry made a new friend - i think it might have been the all camo he wore.  lol.
once we got home we cleaned up and headed to mayestown for their little fest they have.
and then henry got stung by a bee on his finger.
oh my gosh it scared the crap out of me.
it swelled up so fast and he didn't want anyone to touch it.
poor little guy.
by time we got to lacie's he let me put some vinegar on it and then lacie gave him a magic band-aid and suddenly it was ALL better.  ha.
that aunt lacie is good!
we got home and didn't do a thing the rest of the evening.
jon made chili, we watched some football, and played.
just what we needed.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Things That Make Me Do A Vicki Woo-Hoo!!

it's friday, woo-hoo!!
this week was a long one.
but we made it.

we took some time this week to decorate our pumpkins.
i just LOVE them!!
even if the head has fallen off stella's already.......
hoping to paint a few of them this weekend.

we had been waiting all week for thursday night.
it's fire prevention week and the fireman were going to help deliver pizza's to houses in the evening.
we got lucky and got two fireman to come and deliver our pizza.
S&H were SO excited.
and of course this made it ok to have dinner in the living room.
or maybe it was because this three year old sometimes puts up a fight and after we all he and he cries the entire time i give up and i don't care.  as long as he eats.
but i mean look at lucy..... love.

this song - makes me do a woo-hoo!
loving it.
and meghan will be the guest DJ on ellen today.
i wish we had DVR!!
wait - no i don't that bill sucked, but i will be creeping ellen's facebook to see some clips.
and my old school self totally needs to go out and buy meghan's cd!  love it!!

now if this rain can just go away our weekend will get a big woo-hoo too.
danielle is coming home tonight.
soccer tomorrow and we wanted to go to the pumpkin fest in waterloo.
stella and i have a girls night our saturday while henry gets some one on one papa time.
and then sunday we are heading to mayestown for their fall festival.
love it - but DREAD that hill.  and i know i'm not alone.  lol. 

oh wait - my co-worker just walked in with a PSL for me.
i'm out!

have a great weekend!  stay dry!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Five Fall Favorites!

ohhh - these 70 degree temps are just making me love this time of year even more!
i have touched here and there on my favorites for fall but it's just been all over the place.
so let's go ahead and gather them together in one big post.

1. booties.
oh my word i wear these STS booties like a mad woman.
i may start crossfitting in them.
ha - kidding - but man i just love them.
they go with so much!!

2. my grade school softball coach talked about how if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good you play good, if you play good you have fun, if you win, you have more fun.
so step two in looking good is feeling good.
insert - ANYTHING pumpkiney from starbucks.  ha.
it just makes me feel SO DANG GOOD!
come on you knew it was going to be in my top five fall favorites.
my girl ashley introduced me to a new drink there - just like a PSL but lighter.
oprah's chai latte with pumpkin.
oh my - it just FEELS lighter when you drink it.
so good!
and let's talk about how cool you feel when you order "oprah's" drink.  ha.

3. this olive vest.
y'all i wear it with everything.
may i will crossfit in that too.  ha - but no joke.
it goes with so much - just go pinterest search olive green vest.
the possibilities are endless.

4. and this blue plaid shirt.
i did get called a farmer at work the first day i work it.
but damn i am one stylish looking farmer if i do say so myself.

5.  lipstick.
this is an every day - all year long essential for me.
BUT this spiced apple clinque lipstick has been my every day fall favorite lately.

and then i stumbled upon this awesome site called raise.
you can buy and sell gift cards at discounted prices.
ummmm - you had me at hello!!
get yourself a macy's card and get that lipstick.
get yourself a starbucks card and treat yourself to something pumpkiney (weekly)!
and hit up oldnavy where you can for sure find the rest.
or if you don't have gift cards to any of these places but have gift cards you aren't going to use - sell those babies and get yourself something you really want.
win win for everyone!

happy fall y'all!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

boy oh boy did we have a GOOD weekend!!
let's just jump right into it.
i took friday off to attend a field trip with stella.
some much needed time for the two of us.
it was a perfect afternoon.
once we made it back home we hung out and did some baking.
FOUR carrot cakes later - we had a happy nana, happy neighbors, and some other really good and deserving people we thought needed cake too!
we picked up some dinner and headed to my dad's house.
enjoyed some good food, good company, and some much needed time at papa's house.
saturday morning we were up bright and early for soccer pictures.
stella's were first, then we grabbed a quick breakfast with aunt lacie.  then henry's pictures.  and oh my goodness they are going to be something else.  lol.  then henry's game/practice.
where i have to again stress my thankfulness to this guy.
i have no idea who he is.  he works for the ymca, and he must have been early or something.  but for some reason he was over by the bitty field.  just took it upon himself to take henry for some one on one soccer and get him out there - WITHOUT MOM!  it was so awesome.
i need to find this kid - and truly thank him!
stella's game was fun as always.
sister came really close to scoring a goal for the other team.  ayi.
she seriously is only there to smile, look pretty and socialize.
we need to have a come to jesus with her about sports.  and really start taking this cheerleading thing a little more serious.  lol.
after the games we headed home to get some stuff done around the house.
we packed the kids suitcases because later that night they were going to have a sleep over at lacie and phil's house.  they were pumped!
i dropped them off and then met jon (who was FINALLY ready, lol, jk jk), took a selfie (or ten), and headed to jackie and eli's wedding.
we had a BLAST!  it was so much fun.
paid for it the next morning.  lol.  how jon made it hunting at the crack of dawn is beyond me.
i woke up at 7, let the dogs out, took some excedrin and crashed until 9.
momma just can't hang.  lol.
i picked up the kids and we got ready for family pictures.
of course, S&H STOLE the show.
i mean how dang cute are they?
BUTTTTTT - what really stole the show was this....
yep - my little sister is getting MARRIED!!
phil surprised us all and got it all on camera.
sneaky sneaky.
it was awesome - happy tears and smiles for everyone!!
we headed back to my house and some people came over for a little toast to the new couple.
we had a lot to celebrate.
we had the engagement.
cake for my mom's birthday.
and then time to head to the pumpkin patch!
we LOVE our local pumpkin patch so much.
once we got home we all crashed for a MUCH needed afternoon nap.
we finished up the evening with dinner and some pumpkin painting.
still smiling from ear to ear.
have a great week!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's My Friday!

it's my friday and i am pumped.
a long company meeting tonight, but it includes free food and drinks.
so i'll just go ahead and make this my weekend kick off.
because we have an exciting weekend planned.
a field trip.
a wedding.
family pictures.
pumpkin picking.

so on to the highlights from my week.
henry had his first dentist appointment this week.
i was NERVOUS.
stella has gone twice and she practically has to lay on me to get her teeth cleaned.
and with this little momma's boy i had i knew it would be something else.
climbed up there like he had been doing it for years.
listened to everything she had to say and let her do her business.
stella and i just sat there like - WAY TO GO BUDDY!!
so proud.

drinks with my mom and my sister for my mom's birthday.
it was just nice.
adult conversation is just nice.

these coke cans are so fun to me.
especially this one!

i have been doing good on the working out this week.
and i am feeling great.
but seriously - this is so real.

along with the booties i got from sts.......
i can't stop wearing this green vest.
and then i got this shirt.
and now my life is just so good.

no posts tomorrow - enjoying my day with stella and kicking the weekend off early.
have a good one!