Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday!

it's a good day to have a good day.
it's friday!!
we have a full weekend packed of parties and more parties.

but first, the best of this week.

stella attended cheerleading camp at the high school this week.
she is just too cute with her little sass and clapping.
i just love it.
she is performing tonight at half time at the varsity game.

jon (and henry) snuck out of the house monday night while the girls were away at cheerleading and got the birthday girl some flowers and donuts for breakfast in the morning.
she LOVED it and loves those guys.
mommy then took the morning off and was able to take everyone to school that morning.
mommy loves that.  lol.
someday, someday.....

jon is an amazing cook, and says this is why i should allow him to go fishing more.
he's got a point.....

it's go red day!
wear your red today (and go and buy this exclusive double hoodie from STS).

we are rolling up drawings and packing up boxes.
this job is over and i am officially moving back into the office.
it's been a LONG 27 months.
on to the next project.  yay!

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stella's Six

today my first born is six.
that's two hands.
that's a big deal.
you are such a little lady now.
you do so much on your own.
you are needing me less and less each day.
i couldn't be more proud of the little lady you are turning into.
and i can't wait to continue to watch you grown and learn.
i am blessed to be your mommy.
or should i say mom now.
you let me know when i am embarrassing and when i shouldn't wear something.
and honestly it's a good thing, i need that sometimes.
you take care of your brother like a second mom.
and you are always looking out for others.
i love you so much stella ann.
have the happiest of birthdays.
only ten more years until you will driving!!

love, mom

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

we had SUCH A GREAT weekend!!
it was birthday weekend for stella.
tomorrow is her real birthday.
so we hit it hard.
and loved every second of it.
we started with pedicures - a treat for everyone!
and then went to ck for dinner, stayed for prayer service, dominoes and fun with friends.
we slept in saturday morning and then headed to the party about 12:30.
stella invited five of her closets friends for a cooking class at market on main.
they were just the cutest!
after her friends party family came by for cake and presents.
and bean boozled!
ha - everyone was a good sport and tried it.
we just had the best little day.
but when we got home - whew we all were WHOOPED.
it was an early dinner and early bedtimes for us.
sunday jon was off fishing and we were set to enjoy the beautiful weather!!
we headed to church first, and then came home, changed clothes and enjoyed a walk with the dog and the park for over two hours!!
finished the day with a trip to nana's and then dicarlos.
one more day until i have a SIX year old.
can't wait to continue celebrating!

have a great week.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday!

i'm going to chalk this up to a good week.
life is good.
so let's get to it.

gave blood at stella's school this week.
lemme tell ya - i have some good veins.
but my iron is always SO LOW.
needed a 12.5 and i got a 12.8 - holla!
so i donated!
henry was freaking thinking i was giving away all my blood.
ha - no buddy.
but stella is now on the superhero list at school.
so a win win for everyone!

henry got his clothes for lacie's wedding.
he is just going to be the cutest.
now let's just pray he keeps "real pants" on all day.

we officially have mommy and me shoes.
and i LOVE them.

LOVING my new hoodie from STS.
kim got to design them and they are ONLY available at sts.
seriously go and get yours NOW.
also - feeling SO SO good with this 24 day challenge from advocare.
best decision.

last night i had some girl time with some friends.
and found a fellow grandma napkin lover.
feels so good to not be alone.

have a great weekend.
we have a special little girls 6th birthday party tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wedding Update

well since we have the save the dates out.
the venue booked.
the dress.
i guess it's time to share a few more details on the big day.
oh yeah and it's like less than nine months away.
our colors are gold, black and white.
also the same colors as batman.
yes, we are going with it.
planning this all around a four year old.
and i love it.

and black - because it's my staple.
i envision stripes and gold plates.
ptl the venue offers up black napkins and table clothes.
the more black, the better.
promise this is a wedding.  lol.
oh and white roses.
love it - so classic - so perfect!
and this - lots and lots of dancing.
no decision on a band or a dj.
but there will be dancing.
and there's a little girl i know already putting in her requests.
oh and we have bridesmaid dresses.
for 60 bones.
holla - and they are comfy and cute and sparkly and fun.
and my gift to them!

so that's all we have right now.
black, white roses and sparkly dresses.
and per jon's request open bar, free everything.
and some bieber.
of course.

happy wednesday! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Take A Listen Tuesday - Half Broke Heart

thank you bobby bones for playing this a few weeks back.
still have it stuck in my head.