Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday!

happy friday!
and happy last day of work for SIXTEEN days!!
even though this week has been dragging, it's been a great one.

mostly due to S&H.
we have had a fun week.
maybe because every day we wake up and say "only X amount of days left until we are off for TWO weeks!"  that's enough to make anyone happy.
speaking of S&H - can you tell they are related.... lol.
cracks me up every time i look at it.

jon finished his first semester of school.
AND with a perfect 4.0.
to say we are proud of him is an understatment.
we are proud, happy, pumped, been celebrating for the last 24 hours.  you name it.
major major props to this guy.
works 9:30 p.m. - 6 a.m.
comes home and changes clothes and goes to school from 8 a.m. - noon.
come home and sleeps until about 8/8:30.
FIVE days a week.
and hardly complains.
AND got a 4.0!

date night is tonight.
S&H are with their dad tonight.
jon is done with school.
i'm on vacation.
date night tonight is MUCH deserved!
anyone ever been to the shaved duck??  thinking about that place for dinner.

christmas decor really does do a body good.
i brought in home decor to decorate our jobsite office and get eveyone in a better mood.
and i truly believe it's worked.
i love it!!

sequin leggings.
i am pretty sure these would complete my week.

have a great weekend!!
i will TRY my best to blog over the holidays.....
if not, merry christmas!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

LOL Wednesday

brought some christmas decor into work today, my co-worker has been playing christmas music all morning, we are making these guys get in the christmas spirit and having a blast with it.
so i thought i would follow suit with beth and do and LOL wednesday.



i seriously can't stop laughing.
she looks JUST like the grinch.  lol.  lol.  

need this shirt.
and you're welcome, spice girls is now stuck in my head too.

have a great wednesday!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

this is my last full week of work before taking some much needed time off during the holidays.
i have fifteen days to use by february.
so these two weeks off are well deserved.
so i am keeping my eye on the prize.

moving on to the weekend.
the kids went to their dad's on friday.
i had a wild night of hand writing christmas cards.
i did make this amazing dinner for my boyfriend.
check out my mussels.  ha.  but seriously - amazing.
saturday i had to work at ck.
my mom wanted to go for a "bike ride" after i got off work.  i was all about it.
TEN MILES later.  wooo - my mom kicked my butt.
but it felt so good.
after the bike ride jon and i loaded up and we headed to FINISH our christmas shopping.
we were not stopping until we were done.
needless to say when we finally sat down to eat diner at 9:30 - this was MUCH deserved.
sunday i was back to work at ck again.
after i got off work i had plans to go for a "bike ride" with jami and rachael.
ha - i tricked them.  lol.  kidding.
we did the same ride my mom and i did.  it wasn't too painful the second time.
a little over 20 miles on my bike this weekend.
felt good.
once i got back i headed to pick up the kids and pick up nana and we headed out for some christmas memories in st. louis.
we headed to brewery lights first (which is free and awesome and you should totally go!), and then to ted drewes, then headed for a drive down candy cane lane and then for some late night coffee and a dance party at starbucks.
we had a blast!!
 it was about an hour past everyone's bedtime by time we got home, but it was worth it!
we crashed when we got home.
have a great week!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas In Our Town

i believe i have said it before but i think out town has the BEST santa ever.
and it has the cutest decorations ever.
i mean we made it into a commercial for heaven's sake.
because of the way it looks at christmas - AND because a local won a TON of money in the lottery.  but - hey, whatever it takes!
anyways, santa comes to town every friday during the month of december.
my kids haven't had the best santa experience, but..... things are a changing!
after we attended breakfast with santa at the Y a few weeks ago, i was feeling pretty good.
AND - it was successful.
it was probably due to their adorable outfit choices.  lol.
henry only wanted to wear his holiday world shirt and rain boots, and stella wanted to dress up, but also wear her rainboots.  lol.
i think santa thinks the same way jesus does.
he doesn't care what you wear, as long as you go see him.
anyways - this santa is awesome.
i mean just look at him.  he LOOKS SO real.
henry requested two trains - santa said is one not good enough.  henry just starred at him.  like i said TWO trains mister.
stella said the same thing she has been telling everyone - barbie dream house.
ummm - sister, i need some more ideas!  lol.
we also brought letters to santa too.
stella's was long and she had a lot to say.
henry's was one sentence - i will be good.
ha - short, sweet and to the point.
after santa we headed to our town's cute little museum where they were going to be reading the christmas story at seven.  it was so cute.
jon and i had never been there so it was cool to check it out.
and i would totally recommend taking some time to check it out if you haven't!
we headed up town for some homemade cookies and drinks after the story was over.
if it wouldn't have been raining we totally would have enough the horse drawn carriage rides that were offered as well.
instead we just waved to the horses as they went by.
when we got inside the kids each had a ticket for a free cookie from the museum.
henry called dibs on the brownie and stella enjoyed a cookie.
jon and i shared a sticky bun.  how we shared i don't know, it was SO good.  i kinda wanted the entire thing to myself!  lol.
we all had snacks and drinks and spent maybe $10 the ENTIRE night.
i just love this town.
if you are near red bud, you totally need to come and see our santa.
he truly makes you believe.
and then make a night of it!  we had a blast and i am sure you will too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Word - GARTH!

sooooo - there's some MUCH over do catching up we need to talk about.
i have a ton of posts in my brain, but NO TIME to write anything.  ahhhh.

first off, last thursday, hands down, was the most amazing concert i have ever been to.
so let's recap.
i was asked by jackie if i wanted to tag along with a group of girls to the garth brooks concert when we first found out tickets were going on sale.
ummmm - yes!  kristen, my bestie from hickey, was right there with me.
we were NOT going to miss this!!
the day they went on sale jackie and bethany were going insane on the internet trying to get the best seats.  they finally landed our six tickets for thursday night.
the first night he would be in town.
i was PUMPED!
the weeks passed by and before we knew it - it was garth day.
we met that evening and headed into stl.
and believe it or not we were early!  ha - like a good hour.  i'm never early.  lol.
which was totally fine.
bethany had gotten the chance to see him a few years back in kansas city.
she went with a group of girls and they made shirts and they got promoted to FRONT ROW.
i attended an alan jackson concert one time and got promoted to front row with katie and kathy.
we were talking about the entire way to the concert.
we were like ok - so MAYBE, just MAYBE it would happen again.
we made our way to section 303.
yes, that 3.0.3.
but we didn't care - we were going to see garth.
we were about two sections away when this man came out of know where and asked one of the girls how many people were in our group.
holy $H!T it was happening.  we were freaking.  we were squealing.
total high school girl style.
before we knew it, there in our hands were FRONT ROW TICKETS!
we had to get a picture with this guy.
he totally loved our shirts and i am sure he loved the attention from six women.  lol.
of course we had to go and take a picture showing where our seats were SUPPOSED to be.
and then a picture where we ended up.
yep - right there in the FRONT ROW.
he sweat on us, he threw water on us, he was inches from us.
after every song i swear we all were STILL pinching each other.
this is NOT REAL!  but oh.em.gee it WAS!
pretty sure it was worth the two hour trip for kristen.  lol.
trisha came out too - mostly to give garth a break.
it was pretty funny - he was even joking about how he uses his guitar to cover his gut.
ha - he was huffing and a puffing.  lol.
but oh my goodness trisha - was GORGEOUS!  i have always loved her, but she is just a true, natural beauty.  and the love they have for each other.  ugh.  melt me.  amazing!  so true.
so yeah we didn't think the night could get ANY better.
buttttttt - wait - it DID.
standing TEN FEET away - no joke, TEN FEET.
right there in the middle.  black hat.  bud light in the air.
you guys i am NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU - it was CRAZY!  he was RIGHT THERE!
just jamming right along like he was just an average joe concert junkie.
it was SO good.
i am pretty sure none of us wanted to leave that night.
we just wanted to stay in this amazing "dream" forever.  ha.
we were STILL giddy at the end!!
ahhhhh - amazing.
hands down the best concert i have ever attended!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

oh my goodness we had the BEST little thanksgiving break ever.
jon got off school tuesday AND wednesday due to the ferguson stuff.
sad, but we were not complaining ONE BIT.
we have missed that guy!
wednesday i took the day off work to spend at stella's school for her thanksgiving party.
if you haven't you totally need to go watch your kid at school.
hopefully, lol, it's a proud parent moment for you.
because it totally is for me every time.
and i just love it!  stella truly loves school and it's so fun to see them doing their thing.
we were in charge of the games for the party and we had turkey races.  oh my goodness they were fun and the kids all had a blast.
once we got done with school we picked up henry and then met papa and jon at pizza hut for lunch.
papa insisted on taking henry to do some "work" at his house.
and jon went to help his brother.
so it was just me and stella and we had one thing on our minds.
baking some chocolate chip cookies!!
ha - such a lady.
but i mean of course we HAVE to lick the beaters.  lol.
we had quite a nice afternoon.  some much needed girl time.
but we were missing the boys.
henry decided he was missing his mom about 4.5 hours later.  lol.
so papa brought him back around 5:00.
when he was back we headed right outside for a snowball fight!
before we knew it S&H's dad was heading over to pick them up.
they were headed there for the night because they spend thanksgiving lunch with their dad every year.
we said our goodbyes and then headed inside to clean up and head to lacie's.
my mom brought this delicious and super fun spread for all of us to enjoy.
and we brought the drinks!
danielle and tate got in around 8ish and we all hung out for a bit.
we headed home for the evening and called it a night.
thanksgiving morning jon and i were up early to head to church with his parents.
i don't know the last time i have been to lutheran church.
they even had communion.  i don't think i have ever witnessed that.  lol.  a little different than catholic communion.
after church we headed to jon's family for thanksgiving lunch.
picked up the kids around 3:00 and then headed home to let the dogs out and then pack up and head to lacie's for steibel thanksgiving.
we were the last to leave that evening and we sure did have a great time.
friday morning there were no early bird shopping for us.
we enjoyed some sleeping in!
jon's brother josh came over with his daughter riley and the kids played pretty much all day.
the rest of the evening was spent on the couch watching movies and hanging out.
saturday morning we had breakfast at home and then headed to rural king for some shopping.
wild holiday shopping for us, i tell you what!
lacie came over that afternoon it was a black outfit and brown boots kinda night for the girls.  lol.
we went to church and then headed to dave and joyce's 50th wedding anniversary.
stella thought they were getting married.  ha - that's a tough one to explain.
anyways, there were a TON of past country kitchen workers there.
it was really cool.  and we had a GREAT time!
sunday morning jon was up and gone early to help my dad cut firewood.
for once henry was awake before stella.  she slept until almost 9!
all that dancing the night before wore her out.  lol.
we had breakfast at CK and then headed to nana's to enjoy a walk.
that 70 degree weather we could not pass up!
nana watched the kids while i ran to do some grocery shopping real quick.
once we got back home we played outside for awhile and then headed to 'Kris's Farm' according to S&H.  lol.
they were looking forward to this day ALL day long.
we were headed out to ride the horses and feed the goats!
aka - BEST DAY EVER for S&H!
i mean look at those smiles.
they are LOVING it!
thank you again Kennedy's.
the goats are bottle fed.  ha - they were much more interested in the people than in the feeding.  it was so funny watching the kids go after the goats saying come here goat, drink goat.  lol.
we had a blast.  and this TOTALLY makes me wana live in the country!
after our visit to the "farm" we headed to jami's for our sunday workout!
we have skipped the last few weeks so i was pumped for this week.
jami also informed us earlier that day that she was going to be making a completely paleo thanksgiving feast.  she is awesome - and oh my goodness the food was AMAZING!
chicken, butternut squash, green beans and quinoa.
the kids loved it all too!
and she made this pumpkin cheese cake - oh mah gawd.
stick a fork in me i am done.  lol.  so good.
we headed home around 7 and got a call from papa to meet him for ice cream.
whoops - good thing we worked out.
ha - however i was good and just shared with stella.
we met jon at home, took baths, hung up our awesome new advent calendar from aunt rachel and called it the best little thanksgiving break ever!
have a great week.