Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday!

yay!  it's friday.
i wish i could join tons of other people and say - holla for an extra long weekend, but no.
i am at work today.
however i will give a holla for ZERO traffic this morning.
i'll take that easy 40 minute drive to work ANY day!
so on to my five on friday!

we started bedroom closet renovations this week.
there's some new foreman in town.
jon and i have been demoted.
notice stella's hand on her hip.  too much.
stella got straight to work knocking the wall down.
looks like another girl in construction in her future - proud mommy!
jon has worked SO hard all week and look at this progress.
that boy is good - i tell you what!

we found frozen on netflix this weekend and rented it.
nana was over when we did that and before we knew it, these three were GLUED!
or as henry prefers to call the movie - let it go.  lol.
if S&H play it right, word is the easter bunny will be bringing them the frozen (let it go) movie!

these cute little bunnies are excited to come to mom's work this afternoon for an easter party.
they have been party animals (bunnies) this week.
party at the baby sitters on wednesday.
stella had a party at school thursday.
mom's work party today.
it's good being S&H!

still going strong on my coconut oil and honey.
seriously - i am in love!
start today.  i mean it!

i have to give a huge shout out to one of my favorite bloggers adrien.
her and her husband (who is my age) are heading down to the dave ramsey show - TODAY - to scream that they are debt free.  seriously how AWESOME is that!
major props to them.
i have been stalking them all day and i can't wait to listen to them later this afternoon.
seriously debt free at 27 - amazing!  way to go you two!!

have a great weekend and happy easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oh Honey!

well, you can just call me grandma.
i have yet another home remedy i am HOOKED on.
honey and coconut oil.
lawd - where have you been all my life.
a facebook friend (and blog reader, hi!!) has me hooked.
i have been hearing about the coconut oil hair pulling stuff, but i'm not sure if i am brave enough for that.
BUT talk about a good face mask, and i'm all ears!
and even better, everything i needed was purchases locally at schnucks.  PTL!
so last night i made myself a nice bath and grabbed the honey and coconut oil.
mixed the two of them together.
looked around to make sure no one was looking.  lol.
and slapped that stuff on my face.
about ten-fifteen minutes later i used a hot wash cloth and wiped it off.
got out of the tub and headed to bed.
this morning - my face - oh em gee - SO soft!
and even better, i didn't feel like i needed to put a lotion on or anything after i got out of the tub.
it was just amazing!
needless to say i am hooked!

what i am really excited for, besides a soft face that smells like honey.  lol.
are all the other benefits of this mixture.
i swear sometimes my face is 15 and my body is 27.
my face loves it a good pimple.  ugh.
but this is really supposed to help with that.
and of course what comes with pimples is of course picking them.
and i love to pick - ugh - so horrible.
so therefore i have scars.
and this is supposed to help with that too.

but wait - there's more!
apple cider vinegar.
for a toner on your face.
at this rate i will look twenty before i know it!  ha.
but this is SO simple - and i love simple.
again - found at schnucks.
one part ACV to two parts water.
dip a cotton ball in it and apply to face.
promise - you won't talk around smelling like vinegar.  lol.
and of course this too helps with breakouts, pores and oily skin.  so yay!

and one i have yet to try - mostly because i just have a texture issue.
but using coconut oil to help with your teeth.
to whiten them and get healthier gums.
so are you ready for this, take a spoonful of coconut oil in mouth first thing in the morning.
swish around for 5 to 20 minutes.
if you can do this while you are in the shower - that's perfect.
and then spit out in the garbage can.
every article i have read says do not spit this down your sink, it may clog.
hey ashley - let me know your thoughts on this - you are my go to dentist/teeth girl.
i know i did the peroxide thing before and you were like STOP IT RIGHT NOW!  lol.

so - there you go.
i spent $12 at schnucks last night to get honey, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.
$12 for a long list of home remedies, clear skin, good teeth - SOLD!

let me know if you try this or if you currently do it!
good luck!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

ummm what happened to the good weather?!
it's like rainy and cold today and they are calling for SNOW!
last week it was shorts, tanks tops and flip flops.
how is that possible?!
on to the weekend.
friday night i worked at the store with kim.
then headed home to change and head out with her to meet kendra for some girl time.
dinner at reifschneiders and drinks and tinys.
nice little girls night.
saturday morning i was up early to work at the store.
and we had an awesome day!!
once i got home our neighbors were outside and jon was just getting done mowing grass and the day was just perfect.  so we joined them!
next thing we knew it was time to head to a wedding we were going to that night.
and the best part about the wedding - scratchers!
and seriously it was perfect.  the guy was like my second cousin and the stiebel's are big gamblers.
i just loved that idea!
even though i had a losing scratcher.  lol.
sunday i was up early to head to ck to work.
i know - work, work, all weekend!  whew!
i got off early because S&H had a birthday party to attend for their second cousin's.
so i picked them up from their dad's and headed to the party!
they had a great time, love getting pictures like these.
these are all of the GREAT grandchildren on the steibel side.
after the birthday party we had a confirmation party to go to as well.
we are party people!  lol.
once we got home these two love bugs were playing pretty good together.
loving on their babies.  too cute.
by bedtime everyone was OUT and slept like a rock.  PTL!
have a great week!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

i have been one crab this week, thanks for my lovely aunt..... ugh.
BUT i have to say, on top of me being a crabby butt, this has been a great week!
so let's get to it.

opening day!
it was a much needed fun day with my bff.
took S&H to breakfast in the morning, got some work done, and did some stuff around the house, and then headed out for fun.
it was perfect!

this little girl had preschool screening this week and did great!!
she LOVES school and has just done SO well.
besides rocking school, she is rocking her side gig of sts kids model.
like a boss.  lol.

henry has worn underwear twice this week!
i know i know, i hate people talking about their kids pee and poop, but this kid has ZERO interest.
so when sissy said, you wana wear big kid underwear like sissy and he said yes.....
i'm going to praise him!

remember when jon and cassie started diy-ing a week or two ago.
ayi - yeah we got the floors done but the closet was taking a little while longer.
well, i am happy to say the walls are up and so are the shelves, just waiting for the new door frame!
thank you so much jon, for doing a great job and for putting up with me!
taking the weekend off and tackling the last closet this week!

yesterday was national siblings day.
i slapped this beauty up on facebook for the world to see.  lol.
and had to poke fun at maria for looking like a boy of course.
but truly i have the best siblings and i'd be lost without them!

have a great weekend and enjoy this awesome weather!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!!  what a weekend we had!
friday night we met up with lacie and headed to springfield to cheer on our mom while she ran her first half marathon.
once we got to springfield friday night we just hung out and caught up.
it was so nice!
saturday morning we were up bright and early to watch her run.
we were awesome cheerleaders finding all kinds of different spots to catch her at and cheer her on.
of course danielle had to one up us and make a better sign than lacie and i.
always the favorite, i tell you what.
jon was our photo guy for the day.
and one awesome tina supporter too!
and less than three hours later, she did it!
that was her main goal, well, besides finish.  lol.  but do it in under three hours.
and she did - go mom!!
when we got back in town we had plans to go to dinner with some friends but they backed out, five minutes before we were supposed to leave.
it was a super bummer - which just put a damper on the evening.
jon ended up playing video games and i headed to bed early.
fine by me!
sunday i was up early to work at ck and jon worked on the new hall closet some more.
picked up S&H from their dad's at six and we enjoyed a nice evening together.
yesterday i worked from home in the morning and hung out with the kids.
took them to the sitters and then headed to the ball game with my bff.
a much needed monday funday?!  yeah, that's what we will call it!
we had a blast!
soaking wet and all.  lol.
thanks again bff for taking me!!
have a great week!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday!

this has been one heck of a week.
and on top of it i'm doing a challenge with some friends and one of the parts is no drinking.
so my week has been taxes, remodeling, diy-ing, parenting, work plus no drinking.
ahhhhh!!  lol.
but i did it!!
patting myself on the back.
so now to my top five of the week.

the floor is done!!
and i just love it!
thank you, thank you, thank you jon.

stella loves this kids bible she has.
you have to check this out!

and then there's this kid.
insists on wearing camo.
but then plays with babies.
ha - at least he has tools in his hand?!  lol.

MAJOR savings at old navy this week.
new summer stuff for everyone!

we are heading out saturday morning to cheer on my mom when she runs her first half marathon!!
go mom!!
leave her some words of encouragement below.

have a great weekend!!