Friday, July 31, 2015

Five On Friday

how is it july 31st already?
like tomorrow is august.
august means school starts.
which means BOTH of my kids will be in school.
which means i am getting old.  ayi.
whew - deep breath cassie.

we have had a BUSY week.
i am pretty sure i was about a day away from a nervous breakdown.
and then last night we had a completely chill night and ahhhh - all is right in the world again.
well minus this ear infection i think i am getting.
however - apple cider vinegar can fix everything, right?
on to the top five.

we had girls night at the muny on thursday.
we had tickets to see Beauty and the Beast.
we only made it to intermission (the girls got kinda bored) but the momma's loved it.

my cousin shared this on facebook about boys and it's SO true.
whew - henry and i have had a trying couple of weeks.
i am ready for this boy to be four.
i am pretty sure threes are WORSE than two.
can i get an amen?

sending out a happy birthday wish to my dad today!
he is currently celebrating in vegas.
i am currently praying he strikes it rich.  ha!

well this hasn't happened yet, but we are planning on going to a bridal show with lacie on sunday.
and i mean who doesn't love a good bridal show?!

it has been great swimming weather these last two days.
i am working from home today and it's about lunch time.
we are headed into the pool in just a few.

have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

National Girlfriend's Day

a day to celebrate female friendship and support your girlfriends by helping them stay safe and live well.
it's no secret that i have recently made working out a big part of my life.
what started out as small sunday workout with two friends and occasionally our children, turned into a habit, and now a way of life.
4-5 days a week i pull myself out of bed at 4:45 and get my butt in the gym for a 5am workout.
and as horrible as it sounds, i love starting my day that way.
our sunday night work outs are a little spread out now a days with the summer schedule being so busy, but we try out best to get together and get in our workouts!

i have developed some great friends due to wanting to get healthy.
but life is more than just being "in shape.'
which is why national girlfriends day is so important.
oscar insurance created these great checklists.
i have to admit - some of these items i never took into consideration.
did you?

i am thankful for each and every girlfriend i have and i pray to have them all around for a long time.
this week a fellow blogger whom i have followed since i can remember passed away.
she leaves behind her husband, and two young girls (both under two).
leslie talked briefly about her heart condition in her last post and my heart just aches for her family.

take a second and read more about national girlfriends day here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Holiday World and Lake Rudolph

before we knew it it was time for our SECOND vacation of the year.
yes, this is the year of vacations.
after the fourth of july we packed up and headed to Santa Claus, IN.
this is my fifth year, stella and henry's third and jon's first.
i really shouldn't even say we packed up.
ok well i pack the clothes and essentials and then jon wakes up early and packs it all in the car.
it's like magic.
and it's AMAZING!!
henry insisted on wearing his footie pjs and his boots.  in july.  whatever buddy.
he didn't puke and slept part of the drive.
so YAY!
once we got there we had to get our golf cart blinged out!
of course this was after we got a new golf cart.
the first one wouldn't hold a charge and it was just bad!
good thing henry was there to help the maintenance guy.  lol.
the next morning we woke up and headed straight to holiday world and straight to the water park.  stella was PUMPED that she was tall enough to ride all of the water slides.
and i have to admit, i totally was too.  excited i mean, of course i was tall enough.
henry was tall enough to ride two of the waterslides and he LOVED them.
watch out next year.
of course we took our yearly picture in front of the park with santa.
these two cuties were loving enjoying the water together.
crazy to think they are three years apart and the same size.
what can i say, my kids are healthy!
it was almost time for dinner and we headed back to the campground.
the kids headed to the park at lake rudolph with some of the moms and the big kids headed to ride some roller coasters.  i claimed myself as a big kid in this instance.  i mean i was the only mom under 30, so i think it's only fair.  lol.
the best part about holiday world is you can get a stamp and come back as many times as you want that day.  SO awesome!
the next morning we headed up to the camp store to say hi to rudolph himself.
we do this every year and yet rudolph is still excited to see us every time.  lol.
pretty sure S&H wore those shirts last year for this same picture.  whoops!
the best part about lake rudolph is we are never bored.  and i love that.
from decorating the golf carts and being goofy, to visiting the ice cream shop (more times than we should admit), to taking countless golf cart rides (especially if little girls are really tired and need a nap), to just being silly.  we LOVE this place!
here's the group after a golf cart parade.
which is probably our favorite part of the trip!
love the holiday world water tower in the background.
and yes, that's jon and i by ourselves, sucks when you aren't cool parents anymore.  they just want to ride with their friends #boo 
the morning we left we had to get a picture with kim.
she's the reason we are here.  this year was her and austin's 15th year of coming.
that's awesome!  and she is the one who started inviting us.
hoping to make 15 plus years of memories with my kids here too!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Take a Listen Tuesday - Save it For a Rainy Day

in no time this will be played on the radio like crazy, but for right now it's one of my favs.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

let's chalk it up to another relaxing weekend.
ahhhh - i love it!
i should really say that our weekend started on thursday.
we headed to the fair and had a BLAST!
we got to meet up with the lukes and it was perfect!
the kids loved the roller coasters.
and the animals.
henry thinks we need a goat now too.  ayi.
friday night we had plans for some of the kids friends to come over and swim.
and then the pool turned green.
one of stella's friends still ended up coming over and they had a good time.
the kids all played upstairs and i cleaned house.
and then they got a craving for brownies - holla.
they did so good making them too!  and they tasted delicious.
saturday morning we all woke up in the same house and had no plans.
everyone was home and it was SO NICE!!
we ended up running to walmart and visiting with nana for awhile before we headed back to town to get stella to a birthday party in the afternoon.
she was SO excited to get to go to flex for the party.
look at her go!
while she was at her party we just had ourselves a relaxing afternoon.  lol.
well, henry did at least.
our poor neighbors.....
we headed to the rocher picnic later that evening for a delicious meal and then we sweated it all out.  holy smokes it was HOT!
i did introduce my children to poker and stella is a total good luck charm.
we won twice in just four games!  ha.
sunday i worked at CK and the kids hung out at home with jon.
once i got home we swam, swam and swam some more.
then grilled out for dinner.
stella had been talking about wanting to download minecraft most of the afternoon.
so i caved and downloaded it.
ayi - and now they are glued.
and i have NO IDEA what is even going on.  lol.
any help is greatly appreciated.

have a great week!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday!

happy friday!!
this grandma is GLAD the weekend is here.
whew - this week has been LONG and rough.
well, it's had it's ups and downs.
work is STRESSFUL the grays are coming in left and right.
on top of that i decided this week to take out my belly button ring.
my mom took me to get it pierced for my 15th birthday.
it has literally been out during the delivery of my children and that's it.
ha - gross, i know.
i just think it was time - ahhhh - there goes my youth.
see what i mean?

whew - this grandma needs some wheel of fortune and pie this evening.

on to the top five.......

we headed out to the monroe county fair last night and we had a BLAST!!
the kids LOVED the rides, the food, the animals, the people.
ahhh - happy everyone.

you know how i said this week has been a doosey.
let's just talk about the food i consumed as well.
so good - but SO BAD!
steve's dogs on the hill.
oh my gosh!
yes, that's mac and cheese - on a hot dog.
oh yeah and i had two (yes i said two) of these this week.
that looks like an extra 100 burpees....
but so worth it.

we have spent SO much time outside this week.
stella is a bike riding fool.
and henry is the fastest shirtless runner i have ever seen - no joke.
that boy can run!

these two - man i just love them so much.
they are growing up so fast.
school will be here before we know it.
they are just the best, and they deserve a great kids shout out this week!

i made it back to the #5amclub all week this week and it.felt.great.
i am SO sore but i am loving it.
those arms are like hey - remember when i looked good, ayi.  we will get there.
had to post this selfie because it was #washyourhairwednesday
ha - the comments i got on instagram cracked me up.
i am all about the dirty hair lately and honestly it doesn't even look or feel dirty when i haven't washed it for four days.  or five.  lol.

enjoy the great weather this weekend!!
or go play some bingo at the rocher picnic!