Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

hi!  happy monday!
this weather- oh my goodness makes me want to go pumpkin picking or something.
it's amazing today in stl and southern illinois.
we are spending a lot of time outside tonight for sure!!
on to the weekend....
friday night was the closing concert for stella's VBS.
seriously, we loved this VBS.
and i loved what it did to my child.  so thank you UCC church in red bud!
stella LOVED the concert part of it.
of course, because she LOVES to perform.
it's even better when your BFF is with you.
especially if your BFF will still claim you while you are standing there holding her hand and picking your nose.  of course, that's my girl!
after the concert they had a small picnic and bounce houses.
the kids were off to their dad's for the weekend, jon was off to work and i was off to meet erin and catch up on life and enjoy some margs.
i don't know what happened - but i didn't get up to workout on saturday morning.
i made my way to the shower, paid some bills, signed the kids up for soccer and took it slow the rest of the morning.  when jon woke up we headed to my aunt and uncle's house to raid their garden.
we got so much stuff!  love me a good garden.
once we got back home danielle and tate were at our house with ryken.
the dogs were EXCITED!!
ok, just lucy and ryken.  crabby abbie wants those dogs as far away as possible from her.  lol.
around five we headed down to the roche picnic to eat some of their amazing food and play bingo.
my dad and jon both won money playing - unfortunately no one left with a quilt.  bummer!
it was SO hot we decided to call it quits and headed back to red bud to go to a christmas in july party.
it was fun!
this is as christmas-ey as we get in july when it's 97 degrees outside.  lol.
sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast with danielle and tate and then cleaned house.
we headed to jon's parents house to change out and enjoy the pool
oh it felt SO good!!
S&H were back home around 6 and we spent most of the evening outside.
stella was making her brother haul a bunch of stuff for her that she "bought off facebook."
ha - girl loves her a good swap and sell juts like her momma.
we fnished with a small walk with the dogs, baths and bed.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Five on Friday!

a morning blog post.
whew - this is going to be a good day!
actually i knew it was going to be a good day when two of my favorite songs came on back to back on my favorite Sirius xm classic rock channel.
yep, a car concert all the way through cahokia this morning.  ayi.

on to my top five from the week.....
this little girl.
she has been SUCH a great kid this week.
i am not sure if it's the vacation bible school she is attending at night or what it is.
but i can't praise her enough this week!!

i ordered S&H new shirts from a girl on facbeook for Henry's Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday party at the end of August.
and well, since i am horrible at keeping secrets i gave them to them the second i saw them.
i love them.  they love them!  we got them on wednesday i have already washed them twice and they have worn them twice.  ha.  getting our money's worth!

this boy got his hair cut short about a month ago and hasn't looked back.
he is all boy!!
and this is how he insisted on picking sissy up from VBS one night this week.
they call me "the pajama cowboy!"

speaking of being all boy.  he insists on helping me put my "tires" on.
ha - yes he thinks the weights are tires.  and boy can throw him around a good ten pound weight.
it's impressive!

the best part of our new bathroom renovation HAS to be the addition of the shakoolie.
oh my goodness i am in LOVE!
even S&H love it.  you will have to check out their video on my Instagram, it's too funny.

i would say it's been a great week.
we are headed tonight to watct the VBS concert and enjoy some bounce houses.
then S&H are off to their dad's for the weekend.
danielle and tate are coming in town saturday so we can enjoy some rocher picnic and some bingo.
don't have to ask me twice!
and a nice relaxing day planned for sunday!

have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workout Wednesday

happy hump day!!
remember when i had that come to jesus with myself during the biking part of the mini-tri on saturday?
yeah, trust me, i'm trying to forget about it too.
i also tried to forget that i posted about starting beachbody's 21 day fix - FOUR weeks ago.
but seriously - how did i post this four weeks and and yet i haven't even started it.
ugh - i am the WORST at procrastinator.
well, let me tell you, that bike ride saturday hit me like a ton of bricks.
i need to get in better shape.
so yesterday i had a work from home day.
two words - bathroom plumbing.
gone bad.
ok, four words.  lol.  ahhhh - but it's fixed.
anyways, so i popped in this DVD and did day one of the 21 day fix yesterday.
and today i dread walking, getting up out of my chair, sitting down to pee, EVERYTHING!
holy smokes.
oh and you know what helps working out?
CUTE work out clothes!!
ok this isn't necessarily work out material, but it's like sweatshirt material and off the shoulder and blingy and just cute and fun - so it makes everything better!!
and from STS!  get one!
anyways - so here we go.
i am going to try to post every wednesday with how my workout is going.
i even bought a weight set from a yard sale for $40 - score.
so let's USE IT CASSIE!  lol.
oh and i think i am going to add this little baby in here too.
holy booty!
hurts me just reading that thing!

anyone out there done the 21 day fix before?
i am just starting to like the shakeology.  it took me a bit to find stuff to go with it that i like.
so fingers crossed that keeps up.
i have been doing it just for breakfast, no other meals and it holds me over until lunch.  so yay!
anyone want to sign up for the 21 day fix and do it with me?
if so - let me know!  i will get you hooked up!

and yes, summer is half way over and i am just now thinking, ok, let's do something about this swim suit body.  ayi #fail
oh well - never too late to get in shape!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

what a weekend!
i signed up spontaneously to do a mini triathlon this weekend.
honestly i consider myself in decent shape.
this weekend reality hit me - and i am NOT in as good of shape as i thought..
ayi, more in a bit
on to the weekend.
friday night papa came over to work on the shed/clubhouse some more.
and then of course we had a bonfire per stella's request.
and we even made smores.  umm - so good!!
it was a nice and relaxed evening.
saturday morning i was up bright and early to be at the mini tri by 7.
i wasn't too nervous.
i left so legit with my number on my arm and leg.  lol.
200 yd swim, 9.5 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run.
the swimming i was nervous about.
and that might have been my strongest part.
the biking - oh i died.  i need to bike more.  pronto.
and the running i felt was pretty easy too.
i have no idea how i finished overall BUT i finished.  that was my main goal!  lol.
my mom KILLED the biking.  go mom!
and let's face it - we had one awesome support system!
jon and the kids were at different points along the route cheering mommy and nana on!
they were troopers!!
even loreli did he share of cheering on her mommy too!  who ps - did AMAZING!!  go jackie!!
after the race mommy and henry crashed for a THREE hour nap!
whew.  we needed it!
once everyone was refreshed we got some stuff done around the house and then jon and i headed out for a little get together for a co-worker of his who just beat cancer.
the kids headed to hang out with nana for a bit at her house.
sunday morning i was up to work at CK.
aunt danielle was heading into town to surprise S&H for a fun day hanging out with her!
and boy did they have a good time!
we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening playing outside.
papa was back over to work on the shed.
and had a shadow a good majority of the time.
and jon painted the bathroom.
fingers crossed finishing touches are done today and we can put in the new toilet and new vanity!!
later that evening i took stella to VBS.  or as henry calls it "bable school."  ha.
she loved it!
it was so weird just having one kid around.  lol.
we picked her up around 8:30, changed into jammies and called it a night.

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Finally Friday!

and now i am singing hank williams jr.

let's get to it.

new XM radio stations.
on my goodness.
so much 90s and Y2K stations.
if you have it check out 57 and 3.
in love!

the new shed my dad is building for S&H.
it's supposed to store all of THEIR toys.  so the garage has more room.
i have a feeling it's going to quickly turn into a clubhouse.
but come on - clubhouses are pretty sweet.  i sure there's plenty of room for their stuff and for it to be a clubhouse.... stay tuned!

doing a mini triathlon in the morning.
yes, you read that right.
a mini one.
200 yd swim, 9 miles on the bike, 2 mile run.
pray for me!

i have a soft spot for kids laying in their parents bed.
no no- we don't co-sleep.  but when they wake up in the morning and say they wana go lay in your bed.
yep, come on in babies!

the bathroom is getting there.
it's getting, stressful.  but i am trying my hardest to be patience.
after a bad two days, and the fact that the guys think they can store their tools IN my room, i decided to make the best of the day and turn casual friday into i just wana feel cute and pretty friday.
so i did just that - ignore the tools....

have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


well, the bathroom is coming along.
you see i have worked in the construction industry for almost eight years and well i still think magic just happens and there's never and problem and every thing goes smooth.
you'd think i wake up in the morning and start drinking or something.
shit - maybe i should.
because you know that saying, twice as long, twice as much.
it's coming true.
ok, it's not taking much longer, but we experiencing some problems.
and well, i don't do well with that.
so if you are looking for me i will be sitting on my back deck crying and drinking wine, begging people for money.  lol.

but we are getting there.
new tub and new floor are IN!
 loving the new floor.
oh did you know we had FREE tile to put in there that ended up NOT working.
so then we had to go and decide on a different floor in about two hours.
but it's in and it works and it looks good.
praying when i get home today the surround is, the trim is in and the new toilet is in.
we got a dual flush toilet.
so it has two buttons on the top.  one for #1 and one for #2.
should be interesting!
i can see S&H treating it like they are at the casino or something.  lol.

so yeah - i have been looking at a ton of the pictures from when our house was for sale.
oh my goodness - i want to go home tonight and take side by sides SO bad.
so yes - that is coming - SOON!
i would say tomorrow, but at this rate i can't make promises.
depends on my reaction to the bathroom when i get home.

i will leave you with a throwback from when we bought the house of the bathroom.

big changes coming soon!!