Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up!

whew - quickest weekend ever!
friday night was a lazy night.
but we didn't care because it WASN'T RAINING!!
ahhhh - it rained and rained and rained hard friday during the day but finally when we got home that evening the rain had stopped so we jumped right into the pool!
saturday morning we got to sleep in a bit.
well, a bit for stella.
she slept until 8:00.
which momma will take!
we left henry alone while we made breakfast.
once he was up we put on our muscle shirts and headed to nana's house to help her move!
note - henry has worn this muscle shirt a good four times in one week.
need.more.muscle.shirts ASAP!
once we got to nana's we loaded up our car and headed out.
the kids were great help!
by time we got to our second load mom was boring and they wanted to ride with almost uncle phil.
phil thought it would be funny to play a trick on me (or maybe he didn't want me to ride alone) and put this picture of lacie in my backseat.  lol.
i guess since she couldn't be there to help move she could be there in spirit.  lol.
since we were in waterloo we made our way over to the NEW STS store.
oh my gosh it is ADORABLE!!
we snagged up our new favorite shirts.
and in the words of stella "twinzies!!"  ha - yes we are babe.
nana fed us and we helped her unpack.  We were back home by 2:00 when jon got off work and we headed straight for the pool.
henry last about a half hour and then wanted/needed to nap.
these two however will stay in until they are past prunes.  lol.
later that evening we headed to gma and gpa steibel's house to celebrate father's day with the steibels.
it was a nice little evening.
papa gifted stella and henry with marshmallow guns.
oh my goodness - they LOVE them!
sunday morning i was up early to work at CK.
the kids were headed to their dad's and 10:00 and then jon had to go help his dad clean fish.
everyone was busy most of the morning.
by time i got off work the kids were headed back home and we were off to swim some more and celebrate father's day with jon's family.
we enjoyed a delicious fish fry and good company.

the kids got jon a fishing shirt for "positive male influence" day and of course put it in a Jake and the Neverland Pirates bag.  ha - wouldn't have it any other way!
they were very excited to give it to him.
we truly can't imagine our life without jon.
we are SO lucky that he is a part of our "family" and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Love This Song!

i have to admit, it took me a long time to be a bobby bones fan.
like a LONG time.
mostly because i usually listen to XM radio.
well, this summer i am driving jon's car, which doesn't have XM.
so therefore i have to listen to regular radio.
i know, first world problems.
i have caught myself listening to the bobby bones show a ton.
and i have to admit - i am REALLY starting to like him.
he has been playing the heck out of this new song Burning House, by CAM.
and i LOVE it.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

happy monday!
whew - we had a fun and busy weekend.
friday night the kids were with their dad.
when i got in town i got my tan on and then enjoyed a workout with sabrina for a good hour and a half.  i hadn't made it to the gym all week.  idk what my deal was.
so it felt so good to be there friday!
after we got out sweat on i headed out to the ball diamonds to play two games of slow pitch softball with an old friend.
good news - no errors!  ha, i don't think i have played ball in over two years!
we didn't win, but we sure had fun!
we closed down the bar with ashley and her hubby, yikes, haven't done that in awhile.  lol.
saturday morning i was up early to work out with sabrina again at 8.
we thought going earlier it wouldn't be as hot - whew - it was!
once i got back home jon and i started setting up the pool that my dad brought over for the kids.
before we knew it it was time to head to a wedding we had at 1:00.
i pulled a typical cassie and headed to STS at 12:35 to buy this dress.  lol.
but i am SO glad i did - i love it!
the wedding was SO nice and we had a BLAST!
i believe we ended up closing down the bar that night too.
we should have just went home.
we didn't wake up sunday morning until 10!  ha - i don't know the last time i slept that long.
we headed out for some breakfast and then i had a bridal shower.
jon finished setting up the pool and filling it with water.
once i got back we started on a DIY.  more to come on that soon!
my mom and both sisters ended up coming over because we had a wake to attend.
once we got back jon and the kids were in the pool and LOVING IT!
stella was PUMPED because she can touch!
she is doing SO good with her swimming this year.
henry was a little shakey on the ladder, but he's getting the hang of it now.

needless to say if you are looking for us this summer - come on around to the back yard.
i guarantee you will find us!

Friday, June 12, 2015


whew - finally.
this week has been LONG.
and even for it being a friday, it has been LONG.
ready for the work day to be over.

on to some tops from the week:
my mom is in the process of selling her house
.this is the house we pretty much grew up in.
she has lived there the past 15 years.
many MANY of our walks started, stopped, pit-stopped here.
we took a walk this week and it might be one of our lasts!

remember when i said it was a long week?
yeah so i completely forgot to put shoes on henry one morning.
we just left the house and i took him to the sitters.  whoops!
but let's talk about when jon gets up early in the morning and makes some killer breakfast sandwiches!  not complaining about that!

this girl PULLED HER OWN TOOTH last night!!
that's two teeth down.
SO proud of her!

along with losing teeth she is a spelling WIZ lately.
she is good at sounding things out and trying to spell them.
this note was found on her diet coke in the fridge one day.
don't mess with her and her diet coke.

did the soulmate test on facebook and i got my girl shannon!
i thought that was pretty awesome!!
whatcha think shan?

and this little cutie didn't forget that i told him last night we could go and get ice cream once jon got home from work.
i didn't however say he had to put on clothes.  lol.
so we jumped in the car and headed out.
undies and all.

have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ABC's of Me!

A|| Available: For gym dates, as a running buddy, ice cream dates, car concerts, wine nights, sangria making, an evening cook out, or a play date with the kiddos!

B|| Biggest Fear: CATS.  ugh.  give me the hebbie jebbies.  

C|| Crushing On: my converse shoes - STILL.  got them for mother's day and i just love them!

D|| Drink You Had Last: spark - every morning.

E|| Easiest Person to Talk To: Jon.  he will listen, every time.  i am so lucky to have him in my life.

F|| Favorite Song: Fight Song - it's my jam.  even the kids know it's my jam, they hear it on the radio and say "mom, it's your favorite song!"

G|| Grossest Memory: i really have no idea...... maybe it's still to come.  lol.

H|| Hometown: renault, il

I||  In Love With: my life.  i have never been happier.  my kids are awesome.  i am so in love with jon.  i have a great job.  just came back from vacation with my family.  life is good!!

J|| Jealous Of: people who can curl their hair.  ha - no joke.  i can curl it, and it'll stay for a good hour.  why do i have curling hair issues!!

K||  Killed Someone: Ummmm what?!?!

L|| Longest Relationship: i guess you could say jon and i.  high school sweethearts and working on a handful of more years now. :)

M||  Middle Name: Ann

N|| Number of Siblings: Two sisters.  One older, one younger.  In fact my older sister and I are only 12 months and 2 weeks apart.  After having two children, 18 months apart, i have NO IDEA how my mother did it with us THAT close.  whew!

O|| One Wish: to have happy and healthy kids!

P|| Person Who Called Last: probably someone from work.

Q|| Question You're Always Asked: what happened to your thumb?  ha - not even kidding.

R|| Reason to Smile: life is good!!

S|| Song You Last Sang: Fight Song - seriously, it's my JAM!

T||  Time you Woke Up: Bright and early at 4:45 a.m.

U|| Unsure Of: how we are going to lay out our new concrete patio.  ha - i mean i tell you what - the decisions i have to make.  lol.  another post coming on that this week!

V||  Violent Moment You Had: i got bit by a dog on the garden/man cave tour sunday.  no joke.  i have never been bit.  i was trying to stop this persons dog after the yelled "grab that dog!"  BAD move.  good thing i knew the people.....

W|| Worst Habit[s]: cracking my knuckles.  ALL the time.

X|| Number of X-Rays You've Had: i think like only at the dentist.  lol.  in fact i've never broken a bone.

Y|| Years Young: 28

Z|| Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!!

i realized i haven't done a wrap up from our Florida vacation.
i will try my best to do that this week.
it was SO nice to get away and unplug.
less than 30 days until vacation #2.
maybe Jon will propose in Holiday World?  ha - so romantic.
Disney would be so much better.  just saying.....
moving on to the weekend.....

friday night the kids were at their dad's house.
which meant i would spend a good two hours at the gym.
who is this girl?
working out is seriously officially a daily part of my daily routine.  and i love it!
especially now that i really feel i am seeing some progress.
very happy cassie.
after i enjoyed having the place to myself i headed home, walked the dogs, bathed, and when jon got home we started watching a documentary on netflix.  of course i fell asleep BUT i will finish watching it.
it's called Hot Girls Wanted - it's a documentary about porn.
ha - wait wait, TRUST ME it's not like that.  you HAVE to watch it.
you will want to lock your children up in their rooms forever.
some of these 18 year old girls.......i just can't believe it!
i mean i was no angel child, but i think my mom would do it all over again as long as i didn't do what some of these girls did.  lol.
ha - anyways.....
saturday morning jon had to work.
and i had to take this STINK BALL to the groomers.  FINALLY!
this dog has tested our patience this month.  i have NO IDEA what has gotten into her.
eating birds, rolling in them, rolling in mud, digging, rolling in fresh cut grass, eating flip flops, eating foam swords and sleeping in her kennel (her stinky butt will NOT be in my BED!) - because she's driving us CRAZY.
and stinks.  BAD!
needless to say having her in the car for 20 minutes wasn't my favorite part of saturday morning.
but when i picked her up four hours later - AHHHHH - MUCH better.
thank you Waterloo Animal and Feed!
when jon got off work we headed out to his mom and dad's house to swim.
just a few hours in the pool and we got a NICE tan.
we hung out and ate dinner and played cards.
it was a nice little evening
sunday morning i was up early to work at CK.
after i got off work some friends of our met at our house to go on the garden/man cave tour the chamber was putting on.
we didn't really know what to expect but we had SO much fun!!
basically people were showing off their gardens or their man caves.
had total garden envy - but then remember about that dog i just talked about above.
some day, some day.....
and the man caves were pretty cool too!!
we headed back to pick up the kids at 6, then changed into our swim suits and headed back out to jon's parents house until dark.  lol.
no joke i think it was 9:00 and were just walking in the house.
i love summer!
we all crashed hard and slept good.
ready for a nice easy week - hopefully we can get some more swim time in.
have a great week!!