Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Life Update

how smokes - i blogged.
sorry about that week and a half break.
life happens.
work is BUSY.
the weather is NICE.
and so is sleep.
especially when you get up at 4:45 a.m.
so anyways, let's just see what we have been up to.

we have been outside - A LOT!
and enjoying york peppermint patties.
i mean do those things not just speak to you when you are checking out?
hi - i am only 80 something cents - buy me - i am so good.
happens to me - a LOT!

this little dude is due for a haircut.
his hair is getting so long.
i had to snap a photo of his CAUTE combo-over.
such a stud.

i think i charge the batteries in these two babies once a week.
what a good brother henry is to give stella's baby a ride.
even if she fell off because he forgot she was there.... whoops!

three words - bean tree cafe.
it's in waterloo by the courthouse
and it's the bomb dot com.
we have been twice this month.
don't tell CK we are cheating on them.

jon and i actually got to spend a saturday together.
and it.was.AWESOME.
a little bonfire at our local winery.  amazing.
even if we got a message in the morning that we drank too much and forgot to close out our tab.
only to find out it was $75!!
bahahaha - it happens.

i have been killing it with my workouts.
even on the weekends.
shameless selfie - but i don't care.

you can find this crazy train in our neighborhood lately.
henry going fast in his gator or on sissy's four wheeler.
stella killing it on her bike - seriously she is such a pro.
and me walking two dogs.
one who thinks she needs to catch up with henry.
and the other who i practically have to drag, poor ab.

she still hasn't lost her tooth - but man she is just growing up so fast lately.
very proud to be her momma.

since my dad built the kids the little "shed" in the backyard last summer i found this and totally think we need to add this cute little patio on for them.
oh jonnnnnn!!!

this came in the mail.
and it's AWESOME.
so pumped!!

we celebrated national puppy day.
look at wittle abba!!
i have to admit i think our days are starting to be numbered with abs.
she isn't holding up too well on our three mile walks around town.
and is having some serious accidents in the house.

my egg quiches are on drugs.  ha.
these babies were impressive the other night.

a little cutie getting ready for school. #sts

i tried my first spark this morning.
in LOVE.
seriously i am like a five cuper every morning with coffee.
it needs to stop.
i have been up since 4:45, and it's after 9:00 now.
this shit is magic, i tell you what!

have a great day!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Bet My Life

hi!!  not much to report lately.
LOVING this weather.
spending A LOT of time outside (which we are loving).
bike rides (stella's becoming SUCH a pro!)
while brother skids through the streets on stella's pink 4-wheeler.
i admire his confidence.
he doesn't care that it's pink.
it's fast, and he can pretty much create tire marks and it makes him feel bad ass.
and he looks totally cool i have to admit.
rock on buddy!!

since we really have nothing else exciting to talk about i wanted to post my new favorite jam!
i am full blown car concert/think i'm the best drummer in the world when this song comes on.
and S&H are starting to catch on too.
we have ourselves a little car rock band.  lol.

ps - did you know this song was written for his parents?
i just love it!!
he was a rebel, but he is talking about how everything he has been through, he is so happy to have the parents he has and as he ages he is really seeing that.
he said they cried when he played them this song.
coming from conservative parents, to seeing them cry at your song - he said was awesome.

which i think any parent can relate to.
and it's really cool.  watching your kids follow their dream (whether it's what you dreamed of them or not), succeed, and still be grounded and thankful for everything you have done for them and taught them - pretty amazing if you ask me.
i bet they are some really proud parents.
makes me tear up just reading the article.
check it out here.

now go have yourself a car concert and enjoy this awesome weather!! 
**happy friday eve**

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

we had a GREAT weekend.
it was so chill, and full of sunshine and good people and just plain ole fun.
found this in stella's bookbag when she came home from school.
love it!
and she said those red things on the bottom are the dogs.
i pray they are dogs....
friday night jon was working so we headed home, made dinner, visited with nana for a bit and then took a late night trip to target.
they have the cutest little set ups in the back now.
the kids thought we needed this - and i did too.  however we ended up with jon's car for the night and there was no way they were going to fit.  but they are tempting!!
saturday morning we were headed out of the house early.
we had errands to run, a car to wash, and a baby shower to attend.
my kids first experience at waterway was hilarious.  they were so entertained.
they couldn't believe no one was driving the car and it was going through the car wash.
we were one of the first people at the baby shower - which is an accomplishment in itself.
we are NEVER on time!  lol.
we loved catching up with katie and kathy and sprinkling kathy.  her new little baby girl is set to arrive in april.
speaking of four kids - jon did the pencil test this weekend at his grandma's and it said one boy and one girl.  so he brought the pencil home and did the test on me.  mine said, girl, boy, boy girl.
ha - looks like four kids are headed my way!
stella was in love with nathan.  she stalks his mom's facebook page and was SO excited that he was going to be at the sprinkle.
everyone passed out on the way home.  the sun was warming us up and it was a nice long nap they both needed.
when we got home we were invited to tequila's by the hellers so we enjoyed some margs and then headed home.  we watched lilo and stitch (and henry cried, bless his heart).
sunday morning we woke up at 8:00 and it took us quite awhile to realize it was really 9:00.
ayi - i don't think the time change really affected my kids.  which isn't a horrible thing.
the guys butchered the other weekend and we got a new deep freezer on saturday night.  so sunday morning we headed to pick up our meat.
so we cooked some of it up for lunch and has a picnic outside.
we spent much of our day outside and everyone was DIRTY.  but we had fun!
jon headed out for the evening to help clean fish for a fish fry and we were left with his car again.  the two dogs, two kids and me loaded up in his car to head to nana's to go for a walk.
we were FULL!  lol.  ayi, clown car for sure!
lucy and abbie in the front, kids in the back.  lol.
our walk with nana was CRAZY.  lots of running, dogs being crazy, and then one big wipe out at the end.  which wasn't good.  we were going to head to dicarlos but we had some TIRED kids.
so nana got some togo and headed to our house.
nana played with the kids while i got to meal prep a bit.
fish, chicken and some zucchini to follow later.
just as nana was getting ready to head out, papa showed up.
which was nice.  i got a chance to finish cooking my food and catch a nice hot shower.
before we knew it it was 9:00.
we laid down and i grabbed my phone to catch up on e-mails and found this!
and it was the most perfect way to end our weekend!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Current Cheapo Faves.....

seems like lately i just write about my weekend, my favs, and then my top fives.
wow - how i have so many readers shocks me.

but honestly my life isn't very exciting.
i have a few fun things coming up, but for the most part - just same ole same ole.
i do have to pat myself on my back for working out at 5 am.
i have missed TWO mornings out of almost three weeks.
and the one morning i missed, i went that evening.
so yeah!
and it's taken me a while to feel really comfortable there.  but i am really starting to feel good all around.

speaking of change - i have changed into a grandma.
everything i do lately is a home remedy.
i think in my past life i went through the depression or something.  lol.
or maybe i am just freaking cheap!

i will try to highlight some of my current cheapo favorite things.

i have said it before and i will say it again.
i may be 28 years old but my obsession with epsom salt baths is getting out of hand.
they are the cure all or all cure alls.
i am not even kidding you.
feeling sick - epsom salt bath.
sore - epsom salt bath.
bord - epsom salt bath.
ha - ok, the last one is a stretch, but sometimes when the kids are at their dad's i am like, well, i came home, made dinner, read the newspaper, watched a documentary, did some cross stitching, why not make some coffee and go take an epsom salt bath.
bahahaha - seriously, sometimes that's my life.
ps - you can't buy epsom salt in the grocery isle.  it's over by the meds.
which makes me feel even more like an old person.
but at about $4 - $5 a bag.  it's the best medicine out there for me!

and then there's apple cider vinegar.
again - i have talked about this.
i am a picker - and i have zits like a 15 year old.
but i have to tell you, since i've used ACV, it's insane how much my face has cleared up and my scars have gone away.
i just put some on a cotton ball, and clean my face.
does it burn?  a little.
does it dry my face out?  kinda.
 but not enough to need a moisturizer.
that's another thing - i don't even use a moisturizer anymore.
so let's talk about money savings!!!
my $3 bottle of ACV that last me awhile is a great add to my budget.  lol.

oh and i have my little sister joining the grandma train as well.  lol.
she takes epsom salt baths and adds ACV (which i do as well) and she said her backne (yes, back acne) has cleared up SO MUCH.

i tell you what people - stick with me - i will teach you all kinds of wonders.

on to my newest obsession.
baby powder.
we all know i have some issues with taking regular showers.
ha - plus add working out at 5 am every morning.
i am trying my best to not be stinky.  lol.
there are some mornings where i cowboy bath it up.
but there's one new thing i do just about every morning.
cover my head with baby powder.
and my hair just LOVES ME.
this picture is exactly it.
sprinkle the baby powder on your head.
yes, you feel like you have gray hair for awhile; but i promise it blends right in.
and my hair looks so fresh.  not even kidding you!!
and again - i don't even know how much dry shampoo costs; but baby powder is like $3 for a large container.  again - so so good for my budget.

so join the old lady movement.
be a cheapo - and make your skin, face and hair look great.
sounds like a win win to me!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

holy snow!!
we measured and had around eight inches of it on the back deck.
i swear at one time it was coming down like rain.  insane.

on to the weekend.
friday night i came home, picked up the kids, threw some tilapia and veggies in the oven while i changed clothes and packed the kids pjs.
i probably had on four different "neon" type outfits for cosmic bingo.
when i finally decided on the one i wanted stella says "that's what you're going to wear?"
i freaked - what - did you like something else better - does this not match - too casual.
cassie - get it together - she is FIVE.
she ended up telling me she liked what i was wearing the best.
whew - that was close!
ps - i have created a monster.
we all ate and then headed to papa and pam's.
i don't even think i existed once they walked in the door.
that always seems to happened at grandparents houses.
what happened to those days of the baby sitter having to distract the kids just so you can sneak out the door as quickly and quietly as possible.  tear.
anyways, i headed down to meet lacie in rocher for comic bingo.
and seriously - it was a BLAST!!
i would recommend EVERYONE going to the one at the catholic school on april 24th!
well - if they can ever decide to keep the right event on facebook.
anyone else notice that?  driving me crazy.
anyways - it was SO MUCH FUN!!
and pay outs of $100 a round - and during one specialty round a girl at our table won over $400!!  seriously - it was a blast.
i suggest for everyone to go.
jon picked up the kids when he got off work and when i got home at 11 - everyone was still awake.
i walked into the smell of popcorn, giggles and everyone snuggled in my bed.
and i spoil them??  right......
stella quickly let me in on the fact that they had a pickles, string cheese and popcorn picnic.
but they weren't supposed to tell mom.  lol.
saturday morning jon was off to work some OT and we slept in.
we cancelled the magic house since we were all traveling and the snow was supposed to start around noon.  it was probably a good thing we did.
by time jon got home, we had made it out of the house to run to IGA and STS.
stella got some new workout gear.
henry crash for a THREE HOUR NAP
and jon taught stella how to drink out of the fridge.
bahahaha - this picture cracks me up.
we made a big dinner and finished off a few drinks.
lol - promise there wasn't much left in these bottles.
i had one glass of wine, and jon had two margs.
the chocolate milk though - that's ALL henry - lush.
the next morning we woke up to a TON of snow.
stella and i had plans to go see Disney's Frozen on Ice with her bff Loreli.
and the snow didn't stop us.
loreli's gma picked us up and we all headed to STL.
and honestly - the roads were not bad at all.
the show was AWESOME!!
i have to say my favorite part was when all of the princesses and princes came out at the beginning and the end.  nice work disney!!
how many more months until our disney vacation?!  lol.
once we got home we found the boys like this
typical.  lol.
but we had plans to go sledding so it didn't stay like this long.
we bundled up and headed out to jon's gma and gpa's house to meet his cousins.
the kids LOVED IT!!  they even went down the hills by themselves and everything.
it was awesome!!
we stopped by jon's mom and dad's house to warm up and catch up with them and then headed to dinner at tequila's with nana later.
got home to take baths, turned on the TV and not too many people made it through one episode of Love It or List It.  lol.
i would say it was a good weekend!

cheers to a good week!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday!

PTL it's Friday!
this week has really flown by so i'm not complaining.
on to my top five.

i finally got the nerve this week to brave the block and a half walk to starbucks.
and it was worth every.single.step.

i got a caffe latte with coconut milk and one splenda.
i have a new love.
so so good!
and ONLY 90 calories!!

i have really been doing good on my eating.
well, minus getting imo's on monday night.
you win some, you lose some, 
but honestly, getting up at 4:45 to workout at 5 just gives me the want to make something healthy when i get home for breakfast and keep my mind on healthy choices for the rest of the week.
my top picks for the week.
sausage and mushroom eggs quiche with greek yogurt.. 
whole wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas.
i had two pieces of toast and one whole banana.
and more peanut butter than i should probably admit.  lol.
#tellmeimnotalone #givemeallthepeanutbutter

this boy.
he has been a trooper this week with all the creams and stuff he is having to have applied.
and my goodness he is just the cutest.

some nights you just need a hot bath, some wine and chips.
what was that i was saying about eating healthy?  lol.
it was just one glass.
and i didn't eat the chips until i got out of the tub.  promise.

my OOTDs for the week.
i have been much better about taking my outfit pictures.
yes, i have been slacking.
top left - STS jacket, STS tee, and jeans - no i am not trying to sell you insurance. #butitlookslikeit
top right - my canadian tuxedo.  lol.  i had doubts about this outfit.  but i am really loving it.  even if it looks like i'm going to go weld something.  lol.  now my biggest struggle, what shoes?  heels or booties.  just warm up already so i can wear my heels!!
bottom left - STS tunic, STS bubble necklace, STS black fleece leggings, STS tall brown boots - ummmm yes i have an obsession with STS.  but the main thing to pay attention to here - I CURLED MY HAIR!  this never happens, like ever.  and especially during the week.  i have to give stella all the credit.  she has been wanting her hair curled in the morning, and well since we are BFFs and BFFs do the same stuff, i went for it!
bottom right - my girl shannon gifted me this tee and it was just perfect for wednesday!!
middle - it was an STS kind of morning for me and Stella.
STS piko for me, STS leggings for her.
booties for the both of us.
ready to take on the day!!

ps - my dogs are awesome photobombers.  never fails.

headed to play my first ever cosmic bingo tonight.
so excited.
and then hoping to see my hickey girls tomorrow with all of our babies!!
we will officially be outnumbered.  more kids than adults!!
stay warm and have a great weekend!