Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!! Back again for our Workout Wednesday.
We even made ourselves a button - yay!!

Erin and I are so excited to start this link up today. Please note, you don't have to be a Mom to participate we know the majority of our readers are fellow Mom's so we went with it.  Please link up you hot single ladies!  

So we thought we would start off this week with our daily meal plans.  Life can be crazy with work, husbands, boyfriends, boy toys, kids and fur kids.  We all see everyone's posts about their meal plans and it look SO easy.  Half the time I think, no way could I do this.  ONE where do I even buy half this stuff and TWO I thought this was supposed to be easy?  Ayi, maybe it is, but I need simple.  And quick.

So here is what my typical meal planning consists of....

It's always on the go.  I never eat breakfast at home.  It's either in the car or at work.  So here's my options.
healthy egg muffins.
i love these!  i will bring two to work, pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds and add some hot sauce.  amazing!
if i need something fast i will grab a pop-tart.  i know i know.
but hear me out.  i only eat one of the pop tarts in the package.  save the other for the next day.  works for me.
lately my go to has been my shakeology!
i am cheap so i just use what i have on hand.
lately it's just been almond milk, scoop of strawberry shakeo and some cinnamon.  on ice.
or if i'm out of almond milk i just do it with water.
if i have fresh fruit i will blend it together.  if not, no biggie.
and then i have to have my coffee.
and i have to admit i have about three cups in the morning.
i try my best to only used almost milk and one sugar.
lately dairy has been killing my stomach - so almond milk is the way to go!!

i try my hardest not to snack in the morning.
if i feel i need food, i have another cup of coffee...... or drink water.

my lunch is usually leftovers.
and i'm cool with that.
or if we go out i try to only eat half of whatever i ordered.
i truly believe it's not about WHAT you eat, it's about how MUCH you eat.
eat until you are happy, just a little before comfortable, NOT stuffed.
because then the rest of the day is just dunzo.
yes - that's a laguna beach reference - dunzo.  lol.
and if i'm in a hurry and i have to grab something fast, i always check the serving size.  have you ever grabbed a can of ravioli and saw that really it's supposed to feed two people.  yep - serious.
and pizza rolls, ohhhh yes, should feed two people.
but there's an unwritten rule for pizza rolls.  and i just eat them.
every time.
hey - you win some, you lose some.

if i need an afternoon snack at work i have a few options.
dark chocolate - oh i love me some dark chocolate.  lol.
sometimes one of those little squares is all i need.
and sometimes i need two.  but that's all i allowed myself.  two.
almonds - just a handful of almonds.  so good.
and then the clouds parted and heaven opened up and i found dark chocolate covered almonds - and i'm in LOVE!

oh dinner - our biggest dilemma.
again i feel this is where the whole "it's not what you eat it's how much you eat" comes in.
i try to make a veggie with every meal.
sometimes on sunday i will cook up a bag of chicken breasts so when we get home we have options.
chicken fettuccine, chicken salad, just chicken breasts with veggies.
or spaghetti squash.  i have learned to make this work in different recipes.  i mean honestly if you would use noddles in something, just switch it to spaghetti squash.
i swear i can feel the difference - and i love it!
and then we have those nights that we get mcdonalds.
ha - but listen.
S&H get happy meals, and they usually eat 80% of their meal.
so guess what - i finish it - and it's just enough for me.
ok so usually i will get a $1 mcchicken or just a $1 hamburger.
but that's perfect for me.  i do NOT need those fries!
cheap and happy.
and what if we go to tequilas?  same way - we share!
i always get the grilled chicken soft tacos.  comes with three tacos.  henry gets one and my rice.  stella obviously gets her own foods, but i have just given henry about 1/3 of my dinner.  perfect serving size for me then.
again cheap, happy and still full.
ok, well i don't share my margs.....

we all know i'm not cutting out my drinks.  ha.
but i am cutting back.
i would usually have a drink just about every night.
ha - ok, let me explain.  it was SMALL.
but i quit - and i love it.  i may have one or two drinks a week, that's it!
sure i'm becoming a light weight.  lol.  but that's ok.
i drink a ton of water.  i am weird about my pee being too dark or too stinky.  TMI?  sorry!  lol.  but for real.  water, water, water.
even if you feel you are getting hungry, DRINK WATER!
it's once in a blue blue moon that i drink a soda.
the other day i had a soda - and i felt like shit!  not even kidding you.
and then like i mentioned coffee.  i love it.  i need it.

so - whew!  am i the best cook/meal planner/eater ever?  no!
do we stick to this to a T?  no!
but again it's all about how YOU feel.
do you enjoy feeling stuffed?  no!
so just eat until you are good.  like i said, right before comfortable.
and i promise you will see a difference!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Week!

it's a big week in the walter/heller household!
of course started off with the big mattress purchase.
seriously you guys, life changing!
but as the week goes on things are getting more and more exciting.
tonight - viewing of our family pictures at Creative Bent.
oh my goodness i can't hardly wait.
i even e-mailed them yesterday asking for a pre-sneak peek!
tomorrow - stella's first day of 4 year old preschool.
her LAST year of preschool.
next year at this time i will have a kindergarten kid!
how in the world!!
on top of all of this we are new car shopping.
for jon.
because he starts school next week!!
whew - we are busy.
oh and then saturday is the party we have been waiting for!
henry's jake and the neverland pirates 3rd birthday party!
with a water slide bounce house.
and it's supposed to be in the 90s.  yay!  FINALLY perfect summer weather!
we are pumped!
so hang on - all kinds of fun stuff happening!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

chalk it up to another RELAXING weekend.
who is this girl?
idk - but i am really loving it!
i have NEVER been a home body before.  i enjoy being on the go, but this go with the flow, not really making set plans thing, is really starting to grow on me.

friday night S&H were with their dad.
i cooked.  again - who is this girl?
and not just mac n cheese.  i cooked spaghetti squash lasagna.
and it was the bomb dot com.
not even kidding you.
how did i make it?
just like normal lasagna, but instead of noodles i used spaghetti squash.
again - it was amazing!  ask jon, he kept saying, that was so good!
jon headed off to work and i headed to ck to have prayer service and help clean up.
home and in bed by 10.
saturday morning i was back at ck to work a shift until 10.
got home, cleaned some house, met up with kristen and enjoyed a day of running all over the place in stl.
got back in town and we all enjoy dinner with jon's mom and then headed home.
we hung out at the neighbor's house for a bit and then called it a night.
sunday morning stella was up bright and early.
jon decided we were getting a new mattress TODAY.
and so we did.
and OH EM GEE it's amazing!
where has it been all my life?
and like seriously, this is my first brand new mattress ever.  i'm in love!
we spent the entire rest of the day DIYing, cleaning, selling stuff and enjoying the new bed.
lacie, phil, nana and peyton came over for dinner later and we enjoyed good company.
dad and pam stopped by later and scooped henry up for some dairy queen.
happy everyone.

school starts this week so we were all in bed by 9.  it was a success!!
have a great week!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday!

it's FINALLY friday!!
this has been a LONG week.
and it's FINALLY here!!
so let's get to it....

work has been hard this week.
if felt good to have a nice group laugh this morning.
much needed.

party planning has started for henry's birthday!
and i am just loving these cute straws i made.

spaghetti squash.
man i love this stuff!  and it's SO easy to make.
tonight i am trying spaghetti squash lasagna - wish  me luck!

this little boy.
i've said it before and i will say it again.
becoming more and more of a boy every day.
last night he wanted to go on a walk and not wear a shirt.
excuse me?
"this way to the ladies mom!"

hat parties.
stella declared last night hat night.
she picked out everyone's hat and we had us a gay ole time!

have a great weekend!
signing us all up for our first family run on saturday night.  the tiki trot!
so excited!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Work It Out

i have been trying to keep wednesdays dedicated to working out, getting in better shape, eating better, etc.
but my goodness it's hard.
sometime i just want to lay on the couch and order tequila's to go and watch OTNB.
and that's ok.  lol.
BUT it will catch up with me.
enter my girl erin and beachbody.
it's like the gates of heaven opened and god slapped me up the head.
motivation plus something i can DO and stick to.
sign me up!
and that i did.
i signed up for the 21 Day Beach Body Fix.
and i got some strawberry shakeology.
i can do this - i can do this.

want to know what's even better.
holy smokes you are NOT alone!!
so many people have joined beachbody that i didn't even realize.
and i love it.
because no one is all sales-y about it.
they just want to see people get moving and get healthy.
again - i can do this!

but like seriously just google beachbody blogs, or 21 day fix blog post, or pinterest search beachbody or 21 day fix, or find groups on facbeook.
it's every where!
and i love it!!  so much support - so many people sharing ideas.

AND now you can add two more.
erin and i are teaming up (button and link-up coming next week) to post weekly, on wednesdays, motivation, recipes, helpful tips, inspiration, etc.

wana rock this with us?

wana join - let you know below.
we can start a group on facbeook, plus we will have our blogs.
we are in this together ladies!
happy wednesday!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

we had one nice relaxing weekend, i have to say!
friday night we literally had ZERO plans.
and it was amazing!
ate dinner whenever we felt like it, played outside until the gator and four wheeler ran out of battery, and stayed up until jon made it home from work.
it was perfect!
saturday we made breakfast at home and then packed up and hit the road.
first stop - katie's house to meet baby nathan!!
oh my goodness - that baby smell.  those baby coos.  the baby puke.
i miss it all.
and stella - oh she loved every.single.second of it. 
she asked to hold him about four times!
kathy and austin were there for the visit too.
it's crazy how just a few years ago it was just us. and now we all have babies.
we just need to add kristen's two boys in the mix.
we'd officially be out numbered.
six kids.
four adults.
and more BOYS than girls!
after our visit we headed to ali's 6th birthday party.
a girls birthday party - with a batman bounce house.
both kids were in heaven!!
once we got back to town S&H went to hang out with nana and i met up with jon who had been on a jeep ride for his cousin who passed away last year.
it was such an awesome turn out and a really great day for it too!!
we enjoyed the evening and picked up S&H later on.
sunday we met dad and pam for breakfast at ck for pam's birthday.
after breakfast we headed out for some swimming at jon's parents house.
aunt lacie joined us too.
the water was prettyyyyyy chilly!!
we came home and crashed for some naps.
then headed out to cornfest at jon's grandparents house.
S&H love going to farms - which makes me so happy.
they got to enjoy the elk, a donkey and see some kittens.

and now this evening we have family pictures!
pray everyone stays bruise and scratch free at the baby sitters today.
that would just be out luck.
AND we are bringing the dogs for the pictures too.  ha - we are crazy!
have a great week!