Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Green Thumb

it only took 28 years but i feel like my green thumb is finally coming in.

we have been in our house for two summers now.
we have spent A LOT of time working on the outside of the house.
we trimmed the heck out of the bushes when we first moved it.
we knew they needed to get out and get out fast.
but it was a ton of work - or so i hear....
again, a HUGE thank you to jon and my mom.

then i headed to a local nursery and told them what i had in mind and we got some plants.
we transported the tall grass from the back yard and wishes it the best.
our neighbor was selling her hostas so we went over and dug those babies up too!
things were coming along nicely.
this year we added some flowers to our flower boxes and they are turning out REALLY good.
oh the power of consistent watering.  lol. 
i got two of these hanging pots from stella's school and knew i wanted to add them to our window boxes.
we had these pans so we got to work.
grabbed some potting soil from ace and jon did all the work (while i took pictures).  
we pulled each hanging plant apart and added three per container.
some water, dedication and love - they are turning out nicely!

see what i mean about my green thumb?
i have no idea why it took this long - but i am loving the way things look!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Lately

i believe a comment i got from someone the other day was - so should i just stop checking your blog?
and the answer is NO!  do not!
we are going to be huge someday people. lol.
ha - ok - probably not, but alas i have not given up and i am still here!

so let's just catch up on life a bit.
momma got the shoes she wanted for mother's day!!!!
what whattttt!
jon and the kids did awesome and mommy was HAPPY!!

my mother's day was just great!
danielle came down, and we all met up to head to grant's farm for the day.
it was SO NICE!!

stella got to enjoy some of the mother's day weekend with her grandma.
she took her to see anna and elsa at our local winery.
she LOVED it!

henry has been needing to wear a crash helmet.
he is ALL boy and covered in bumps and bruises
yeah - OW!

jon and i enjoyed a few days in chicago for a friend of his wedding.
it was so nice to get away for awhile.
even if we drove the entire five hours in the pouring rain!

and we have been sending a lot of time outside in the water.
henry's allergies are really doing well thanks so the essential oils.
and well i am pretty telling him we have water balloons or that he can get the hose out - he will make himself feel good no matter what!  lol.

hope you summer is off to a good start.
one more week and we are headed south for a MUCH needed beach vacation!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bye Bye Preschool!

and just like that - we have a graduate.
how do i have a child old enough to go to school all day, every day!
a kindergartner!!
earlier this week we got the pleasure of attending stella's preschool graduation.
they all did SO good!
they sang a bunch of songs, walked up for their diplomas, and made everyone so proud!
and yes - that's my kid - one of the tallest in the class.
now let's get that volleyball scholarship in the works!
she was so proud to be up on that stage!
she has had such good reports during her preschool time and i am just one proud, proud momma!
the little fashionista she is loved rocking her maxi dress for the evenings.
her brother however, chose his camo rainboots.......
you win some, you lose some.
today is her official last day of school.
even though she tried telling me on wednesday that once you graduate you don't have to go back.
ha - homegirl is ready to SLEEP IN!  lol.
i just can't get over how much she has changed in a year.
from the first day to the last - she is taller, with less teeth, growing into her body, and gorgeous.
i am so very lucky to be her mommy and i am excited to start our summer adventures!!

have a happy friday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

happy cinco de mayo!!
i don't think you will find me sipping on margs tonight and i am ok with that.
we have a date with the kiddie pool in our backyard.
this weather has been awesome and my kids do not give a lick that the water is cold.  lol.
jon is hoping to fill it up early this afternoon when he gets home from school so it's hopefully a little warmer for them when we get home this evening.
on to the weekend.
friday night stella tried out for a cheerleading squad.  she LOVED it.
and had a blast.
now if i can handle $300 a MONTH!
if we lived closer, not an issue, but add in gas and all the driving.
it's something we really need to have a serious talk about.
so we will see.
after cheer we grabbed some pizza, picked up lacie and headed to the park next to her house.
henry LOVED the park.
we all did really.  we just love waterloo.
we need to make it our home.
saturday morning jon was up at 4 am for a fishing trip.  whew!
the three of us slept in, had some morning visitors, maybe breakfast and chilled.
we decided to head to kids day at the fort and we have a good time.
my dad tagged along and i am sure got a workout with all the piggy back rides he had to give.
we locked the boys in jail.  lol.
once we got our sweat on we headed home.
i threw out the P word and the kids were ALL about it!!
jon got home later that evening, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to our neighbors for a bonfire.  it was a perfect little day!
sunday morning we headed to jon's church for service and for a dedication they were having for the preschool teacher who was retiring.  she taught my and my sisters and jon as well.
stella was one year shy of being a second generation kid for her.
she has taught over 500 kids - that's pretty awesome!!
after church and a little luncheon we headed to tony and rachel's to help plant their garden!
we had a BLAST!!
the kids loved the dirt and loved the farm.
if we told henry we are moving to the farm tomorrow he would be GAME!
me too buddy - me too!
we got home later that evening, cleaned up and everyone was sleeping by 9:30.
have a great week!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday!

woohoo!! it's friday!!
and stella is trying out for cheer tonight.
eeeeekkk - so fun.
i have to admit i am kind of a little really excited to be a cheer mom.
yep, i said it.

so with mother's day being in just a few short days i thought i would share some of my top five picks for mother's day.
(cough you're welcome jon cough)

i am going to jump on the converse train and say i am LOVING these shoes on everyone.
i think i can pull them off.
well - i HOPE i can.....

yes - i said it.
and i LOVE these red ones!!

i don't WANT to be one of those girls who pretty much lives in workout clothes lately, but it is happening.
lord help me!
i do want to be cool and wear UA
and because let's face it no one will ever own enough pairs of black workout capris.

i am a spark loving addict.
i have no shame in saying that.
it's like my drug.  not even kidding you.
and i have one blender bottle that has seen better days.
i think i need to start expanding my collection.  lol.

and then there's this.
wait - how did THAT get in there?

have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


late night blog post, but it's better than no post.

currently i am.....
wearing: gah, everything in my closet.  can this weather just make up it's mind.  in the morning my toes are cold but i still want to wear sandals because by 2:00 it's hot!
make up your mind weather!!

wondering: why guys can't take good photos?
all we wanted was on facebook worthy photo boys....

cheering: on this little lady.
she stepped out of her comfort zone and attended Yoga Buzz with nana and i last sunday in forest park.  she did awesome!!

loving: these three.
jon randomly got the day off on tuesday and stepped up to the plate and joined stella on her field trip.  yep, heart melted.  they had a blast.  and of course i love getting selfies sent to me while at work.
seriously the love i have for these three is so big!!

jamming: FIGHT SONG!
yep - new car concert.