Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday!


a little through the years to start off this post.
gosh i love these two.
it's going to be a little chilly tonight but i am excited to go out!!
we have had a busy week already with trick or treating.
ran to gma and gpas and tony and rachel's on tuesday.
they had a party at the sitter's thursday.
and stella had her school party today.
life has been pretty good for these two.

i have really been kicking it into gear this week with working out and i feel great.
someone even told me today it looks like i lost my handles.
ummm - well - thanks!
working on this for some strength training as well.
thanks to skinny meg!

this - this is so me.
and i crack up.
i had to run to the store to get my sister some wine for her birthday and i'm all like - are these even in English?  help.  i need wine 101.  lol.

starbucks has had $3 PSL for the last three days.
let's all just take a moment of silence and thank starbucks for this.

milk baths.
oh mah gawd.
i freaking love these.
my girl erin says to add some apple cider vinegar and some epsom salt as well.
oh my i nice bath is in my plans for the weekend!!

have a great weekend.
be safe out there tonight.
and treat yo self to a $3 PSL today and then a milk bath tonight!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Egg Frittatas with Greek Yogurt

i seriously can't stop making these things.
they are SO good.
and just SO handy during the week.
so last night i decided to snap some photos then blog about them today.
however, the outcome wasn't good.
here we go.....
usually eight eggs will fill all 12 muffin tins.
i add a little bit of water, because well, i just always add water to my eggs.
and a dollop of greek yogurt.
just a dollop.  because i just like saying dollop.
this is the kind we keep in the fridge and have been using like crazy people lately.
add salt and pepper and beat it all together.
and sing beat it while you do it.
because i do.  every.single.time.
spray the shit out of your muffin pan.
seriously - spray the shit out of it.
and now fill your cups with what you would like.
i did half ham and half sausage.
and added a tater tot to each one.
everything is raw.
fill you pan with the egg delicious-ish-ness and pop in the over on 350 for 20 minutes.
and they will come out looking AMAZING!
let them cool on top of the stove.
put the dogs in their room while you run to the store.
come back to find out you have Houdini dogs who got out and ate ALL 12 FRITTATAS.
open a bottle of wine.
skip the glass.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Less Than Two Weeks

well now that my big sister's birthday is out of the way we can focus on me again.
bahaha - kidding danielle.
but our birthdays are two weeks apart.
so yes that means we were 12 months and 2 weeks apart.
holy smokes.
i struggled with my kids being 19 months apart.
anyways, so just some ideas for those of you out there.....

of course a good pedicure - that will make me happy ANY day.
especially if i have a gift certificate for one.

new running shoes.
oh my if you don't have a pair of under armor shoes you are missing out.
thanks to my girl kacie for telling me about these babies.

i am going to be 28 and i want a shark vacuum SO FREAKING bad!
i might wait until the day after thanksgiving and hook myself up with one of these though instead.
but yes, i would be pumped if i got a vacuum.
remember when i got a trash can for christmas one year!?
bahahhaha - who can forget.....

sports bras.
especially the most amazing ones ever from victoria's secret.
the best invention for mom boobs ever created.
no joke.

jesus that little bell is one killer workout.
would be perfect for these winter months.  i can bust out a workout inside.

oh my word i have been listening to her on pandora for the past couple weeks.
just about every song makes me wana dance.
and yes - i am going to be 28 and still want a cd.... ayi.

so there you go certain people out there.....
happy shopping!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

so sorry about taking that unexpected week off.
it happens...
whew - we were on the go SO much last week.
here's to this being a MUCH calmer week.
on to the weekend.
friday was my work's halloween party.
S&H LOVE coming to mommy's work and LOVE a good party.
so they were pumped!
and of course adorable!
they LOADED up with candy.
when we got back in town they headed to their dad's for the weekend.
friday night i spent cleaning house, working out and relaxing.
saturday morning we were up early for stella's soccer game.
she had her mind set she was wearing a red headband this weekend.  lol.
after soccer i headed to get new tires.
booooooo - way too many hundreds of dollars later i was set.
and then headed out for a halloween party with some girls!
i think i did pretty good throwing together my TMNT costume.
i had a blast!  and mario and luigi were too funny!!
about 10:30 my mixes of too many different kinds of beers started to set in and my belly was KILLING ME!  oh my.  so jon to the rescue and he picked me up.
sunday morning i was up early to work at ck.
after ck i headed to sweat with my favorite sunday workout group!
i love it!
and man do my arms look weak compared to theirs.  damn!!
S&H were back home that evening.
we hung out and enjoyed the amazing weather in the backyard.
and everyone was sleeping early.

and i have to wish my favorite older sister a very happy 29th birthday today!
last year in her 20s!
happy birthday sister!! xoxo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What We Really Meant to Say....

it's no lie that we all love us a good emoji.
yep - we do.
i saw this floating around facebook and it's spot on.
i am pretty sure i text this to kim daily.

and this - ha - i swear anytime i know i am going to have fun.
this gets used.

bahaha - is it bad that i can make this face in real life too?  lol.
spot on.
no words - just this.

and now instead of typing lol when i have nothing else to say - i use this.
usually followed by a few of them if it's really damn funny.

this means praying regardless.
constantly used for - pray for me - aka - see above.
also followed by multiple praying hand gestures.  lol.

bahahaha - yes - this guy may be running, but in real life it mean RUN LADY - get the eff out of there - FAST!
this is usually followed by a good 10-50 of these guys.
run run run!

and this one - when it comes to working out - yes - yes - yes.
not disappointed or relieved.
swearing my damn ass off.
self induced.  lol.

have a great wednesday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!
it's raining - again.  blah.
i promise it's not my fault this time.
i swear it rained all day on friday because of me.  never fails.
when i straight my hair and it's really working for me.
it rains.
but today - pony tail - still raining.  oh well.
on to the weekend.
i started my friday with my low tire pressure light coming on while stuck in traffic.
i am pretty sure one of my biggest fears is being stuck on the side of the road with a flat.
so i was freaking.
according to my car my right rear was low by about 3 pounds.
i was like ok, that's not terrible.  i can make it to the nearest dobbs.
so i did - PTL - and then got hammered with a price for new tires.
when i finally got home, we grabbed a quick dinner and then headed to lacie's house to meet danielle.  we hung out there for the night and talked all things wedding!!
loved it!!
saturday morning we were up for soccer.
and henry hated it again.
stella did great at her game.
they really have a good little team!
after that we headed home for some naps!
henry had an evening filled with some one on one papa time.
and stella and i headed out for some girl time.
she said we looked like farmers.
well - i think we are some stylish farmers!  lol.
ha - waiting for our ride.
four going on fourteen.
we had a nice little evening and henry did SO good with papa.
sunday morning we all got some much needed sleep.
we headed for out for our sunday WOD with some of our favorite workout girls.
stella got in on the workouts too
henry made a new friend - i think it might have been the all camo he wore.  lol.
once we got home we cleaned up and headed to mayestown for their little fest they have.
and then henry got stung by a bee on his finger.
oh my gosh it scared the crap out of me.
it swelled up so fast and he didn't want anyone to touch it.
poor little guy.
by time we got to lacie's he let me put some vinegar on it and then lacie gave him a magic band-aid and suddenly it was ALL better.  ha.
that aunt lacie is good!
we got home and didn't do a thing the rest of the evening.
jon made chili, we watched some football, and played.
just what we needed.