Thursday, April 23, 2015

Go Post Something Funny

last night i was out walking the dogs.
a facebook friend stopped me and said - go home and post something funny so i can laugh my ass off.
i chuckled.
she's like seriously, you and your kids crack me up!
the rest of the way home i thought - it's been quite awhile since i felt funny on the ole blog.
so i should totally go home and post some funny shit.
so without further ado, a life update, with some humor.
well, hopefully you find it funny.

stella lost her first tooth!!
yes, that's my five year old wearing a robe.  she wants to be like mommy.
and yes that's an itty bitty tooth in a plastic bag.
what else am i supposed to put it in?
knowing my luck if we put it under the pillow by itself the damn dog would eat it.
stella expected $151 from the tooth fairy.
yes that is what she told people she was getting.
well sweetie, the tooth fairy isn't getting a third job.
luckily she was happy with $2, and then papa brought over $5 worth of stratchers!
because we are steibel's and that's what you give anyone in our family for any event.
and yes, that outfit she picked out herself.
and wore out in public.
and yes, her hair is amazing.  and looks better than i could ever dream of my hair looking.
oh and my son there in the background.
of course those are canned goods he is "building" with.
why would we use the 100s of dollars of legos we have to build something.
speaking of that cute little boy who loves to play with canned goods.
he loves picking his mom these "flowers."
i just love that he is now able to enjoy the outdoors and hold a "flower" this close to his face without his eyes swelling shut.
of course all thanks to this miracle bottle from essential oils.
before we got this roll on of magic, henry was struggling.
it was so sad to see.
good to know though even when he is sick he can still manage to get his hand in his pants.
lol - seriously what is it with guys and their hand just always being in their pants?!!?
in the mean time i have mastered looking like a 12 year old girl.
yes - side braid and all.
i think i should stick to a clear pony tail holder.
or maybe just stick to not wearing a side braid.
speaking of braids - stella is going to try out for cheerleading.
que the bows and braids and big hair (which i am excited about!!)
yes - that's right - my child wants to be a cheerleader.
since we tried out soccer last fall and well, she was pretty much only there to socialize and look cute in pictures, we are thinking maybe sports really aren't her thing.
not that's cheerleading isn't a sport.  because it believe it is.
but i just feel it's a much better suit for her.
and yes, i am fully aware of what i am doing to myself.  lol.
and then there's lucy.
loves walks.  but refuses to walk over those sidewalk grates.  yeah so that's fun when a 50 pound dog spazes out while walking down the street.....
she takes one for the team when henry insists she be a ninja turtle.
my son is obsessed with dogs doing people things.
no joke - my life consists of a good hour each day talking about dogs doing funny human things.
and then there are days she just feels the need to lay right on my clean hardwood floors.
because - why not?
and well, what's a blog post without a workout selfie?
i am feeling more and more confident at the gym lately.
but only confident enough to take a selfie when no one else is there.  lol.
lately i even got the confidence to wear a cardigan.
seriously - i never wear cardigans.
but lately it has been in the high 30s low 40s every morning.
like wtf - it's six days until MAY!
and last but not least, my five year old can officially create a better messy bun than me.
i may start asking her to do my hair.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Having a Baby

my friend, Ashley, shared this on facebook today.
it's perfect.
you will laugh and cry and relate.
it's worth the watch.

happy wednesday!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Impact Of A Positive Response

changing it up today - no weekend wrap up.
i just came across this post on my lunch break and it hit home.
i feel like all i blog about is how busy we are and how stressed i am.
ahhh - i am sure it's annoying.
so yeah, sorry about that.
after reading this post i am totally going to work on getting better with that.

happy monday!!
When we were doing work on our house after we first moved in, we had an electrician who would stop by nearly every day. Each time I'd see him and ask him how he was, he'd respond in the most enthusiastic, sincere way. "Couldn't be better!" or "I'm fantastic, thanks!" It always put me in a good mood to see him.
After the electrical wiring was finished and he wasn't coming around any longer, I missed his animated presence, which got me thinking about how I come across to others. When people ask how I'm doing, my response is more along the lines of "hanging in there." And sure, we're all busy and dealing with our own daily stressors, but I now realize it's not necessary to allude to that. One of my favorite quotes from Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, touches on this exact sentiment:
"I do not think stress is a legitimate topic of conversation, in public anyway. No one ever wants to hear how stressed out anyone else is, because most of the time everyone is stressed out. Going on and on in detail about how stressed out I am isn't conversation. It'll never lead anywhere. No one is going to say, "Wow Mindy, you really have it especially bad. I have heard some stories of stress, but this just takes the cake."
I'm certainly not pressuring myself to be perpetually cheerful, but our electrician's upbeat disposition made me realize that my response can have a profound impact on another person's day. I've been trying it lately and I've got to say, it actually works. It's gone as far as shaping the tone of entire conversations, and the simple positive response steers people away from the usual complaints of busy-ness (let's face it, if someone comes across as happy and carefree, the other person is less likely to go into full Debbie Downer mode). I'm a total convert and this small fix has garnered hugely satisfying results. 
hope your day is - better than ever!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just a Quick Hello!

just popping in to say i am still alive.
we have been puddle jumping.
i mean seriously it rained for like a week straight.
my basement wasn't pumped,
but this little guy was!

we attended a white trash bash.
we wore those outfits in public.
it was a blast.

we found some worms.
and my kids refused to touch them.  lol.
like freaked out.

henry had preschool screening and did SO good.
acted like i didn't even exist.
just listened to the teacher and did everything he was told.
one proud momma.

and for the FIFTH year in a row i attended opening day!
man i love opening day.
the weather was amazing.
we had a blast.

but life isn't always rosy.
henry is dealing with allergies.
stella has fifths disease.
and i am breaking out like a 15 year old.
ha - i just want to throw in the good, the bad and the ugly.

but jon has three weeks of school left.
stella has about four.
and we are almost a month out from our florida vacation!

hoping to blog tomorrow - let's cross our fingers i don't jinx it.
happy wednesday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Lenten Challenge

so for lent i decided i was going to really step it up and get back in shape.
ultimately stop being a lazy butt and start working out MORE.
it was a long winter y'all.
as most of you have seen on IG or Facebook Stella and I enjoy our workouts.
but you can't really go that hardcore with a five year old.
don't get me wrong we still bust them out on a weekly basis and i love them.
but i needed more.
so on ash wednesday i got myself a membership to a gym in my town (flex) and got moving.
well, it took me a few days.
momma was SORE!!
i joined the #5amclub
yes, my alarm goes at 4:30, i hit snooze twice or more, but i am there by 5 a.m.
and surprisingly it was EASIER than i imagined.
it just became a habit.
and then an inspiration of mine, jackie, added me to the AMAZING group called IDWTBAT.
and after that i kept exercise and eating good, on point.
i mean don't get me wrong, i still indulge, but i just try to be "good."
i haven't drank soda since the beginning of the year, and honestly i hardly even drink anymore.
we may have a few beverages on the weekend.  but that's it.
it was all just coming full circle.
and before i knew it 40 days of lent was over.
and i was loving the "new" me.
the left was taken on ash wednesday.  i did workout that morning, but one hour of working out wasn't going to be life changing.
the picture on the right was taken on monday night.  the day after easter.
i weighed  147 when i started out.
i only know this because i had to go for my yearly and they weighed me.
otherwise i do not own a scale and i don't really ever care to.
i was wearing a tight 8 and i was not feeling comfortable in my own clothes.
today i feel like my love handles are disappearing!!
my eights are loose and i have been pulling out some of my 6 spring clothes.
i have no idea what i weigh and i still don't care.
i love the way my clothes fit and i am comfortable in them!

i have seen more than just a physical change in my body.
i feel i am less stressed.
i don't lose my shit (as often).
but seriously, hardly at all.
i am sleeping better.
my skin looks and feels healthier.
my mom guilt is starting to go away too.
thanks a TON to jon and my mom!!  they are SO supportive.
jon is at home with the kids when i leave at 4:50.  granite they are all sleeping, but still, without him i wouldn't be able to go.  my mom is awesome and offers to let the kids hang out with her for a bit in the evenings or on a saturday when i want to get in an extra workout or if i missed the morning.
supportive people in your life is awesome!!

it's truly amazing what a little dedication can do.
if you are thinking oh.em.gee i can't do that.
you are not a tree, move!
you CAN do this.
start small.
5 am workouts, sound brutal.
but they are not.
crossfit sounds like a cult, but it's not.
i have never felt more support in my entire life!
honestly when i workout at 5 am i am there with some women who are YEARS older than me and have been doing this for a year or so and they kick my ass every day.
they finish the WODs in 10-12 minutes and it takes me 13-14.
but i don't care.
i am there for me.
and those last 2-3 minutes that they are done and i am still finishing up, they are cheering me on and you can just feel the support in the room.
it's amazing.
start small.
and big changes will happen!
and remember, you are not a tree, MOVE!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


five years ago today i remember exactly where i was when i decided to start my blog.
my first post was a whole three sentences long.
check it out here.

oh this ole blog has seen it all hasn't it?
it started the day i came back to work from having stella.
i wanted to be able to keep everyone updated on stella's life.
ha - i am sure you all quickly learned way more than just about her life.
i believe i almost set a recliner on fire in the front yard a few times.
it's been through many happy times.
birthdays, parades, celebrations, holidays.
and many sad time.
death, divorce, losing friends, sisters moving.
and so much in between.

i know a few of you who have been around since the beginning.
and for that i thank you!

this ole blog gets around 250 page views a day.
nothing to brag about, but just a fun fact.
and around 6,000 page views a month.
i do not make a dime off this blog.  i do it purely to document life.
and i love it.
the most searched keywords to find my blog are "cassie walter blog"
it makes me laugh every time.
so simple.

i know i am not as consistent with the blog like i have been in the past.
but i have no desire to stop posting anytime soon.
they may slow down, but for the time being, we are here to stay.
i think life is going to get exciting soon, just sayin.....

so cheers to five years!
thank you all for tagging along.