Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Henry - Year Three

for those of you who checked this blog a few times this weekend and were let down with no video post - i apologize.  but i am here today to deliver.
a weekend wrap up can wait another day.
besides it was a perfectly low key weekend.
exactly what everyone needed!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Five on Friday!

let's get to my top fives of the week.
hands down number one HAS to be this:
Pumpkin Spice Lattes are BACK at Starbucks.
and i've had two already this week.
sorry i'm not sorry.
psl and dark nails - come on fall!!

and right behind the greatness of psl's coming back.......
henry turning three tomorrow!
yep - the official birthday is tomorrow.
my last night with my wittle two year old baby.  tear.

soccer started this week for S&H.
while practicing in the yard early this week henry rocked it.
stella..... well, she just didn't seem to have much interest.
then last night at her first soccer practice, well, the little that they got to practice because of the rain, she was right out there.  kicking the ball around and everything.  yay!!
i mean of course soccer is much more fun when your BFF is on your team!
these two crack me up.

jon started school.
yep - tuesday was his first day and he loved it.
so excited for all of this!!
only 317 days left.  lol.

this long weekend!!
and to top it off jon doesn't have to work for the next THREE DAYS!
you guys this never happens.
i am SO excited!!

have a great weekend!
i will be posting henry's three year video tomorrow on his birthday.  so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

You Need A Good Girl To Blow Your Mind

this song is my new jam!
happy thursday!
off to stella's first night of soccer practice.
oh my i have to tell you how much she packed in her back - this child is me - i swear!
and then tomorrow is one day until i officially have a THREE year old boy!  eeeek!

until then.... bang bang!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Workout Wednesday - Food

happy wednesday!
half way through this HOT HOT week - whew.
erin and i are here to talk about food today.
and boy do we love us some food.
however now that we are really paying attention to things we are trying out best to do everything the "healthier" way.  and so far - i am LOVING it!
make sure you check out erin's blog and how she is making her breakfast amazing!

so here's a few tricks i use.
that's right, NOT even miracle whip.
use mustard.
ok - mustard is gross.
well this is gross.
one tablespoon of mayo is 90 calories!  NINETY!
one tablespoon of mustard is 15.
now what's gross?
but listen, i use it to make my tuna and you can't even tell the difference.
and on sandwiches.
mustard is the new ketchup.  ha.  something like that......
i know i know, how do you even SAY that word.
but it's seriously it's not hard to make - tastes good - and you feel SO different after eating it.
you know unlike chinese food rice.  where in 10 minutes you are bloated as shit.
and in one hour you are starving again.
i do not get it.
anyways, do NOT be afraid to try quinoa.
just do yourself a favor, if you don't know how to pronounce it.....
say it with me now keen - wah.
NOT q-no-ah.  lol. lol. lol.
plain greek yogurt .
my mom has been loving her some substitution of plain greek yogurt instead of other "creams".
she raves about it.
i am going to have to give it a try.
mom - comment with some of your favs please!
turkey sausage/bacon/etc.
ok, ok, bare with me.
seriously - this stuff is good.
i even bought turkey hot dogs one time to see if the kids noticed.
oh and try cooking it all in the oven and not frying it.
not the hot dogs, the bacon and sausage.
one - easier.
two - cleaner.
three - healthier.
win, win, win!
and seriously, it's good!
wana know what - even jon eats it.
so try throwing it in front of the men in your lives.  i bet they won't be able to tell.
use applesauce instead of oil when baking.
i do this ALL of the time.
and you can't even tell.
whew - ok, so just little things to keep in mind when you are in the kitchen.
little things that make a huge difference.
good luck!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

what a weekend!
so hot - but SO great!!
it was birthday party weekend for henry.
so let's get to it.
friday i took the day off to clean house and get stuff ready.
oh man i love me a good clean house.
worked a little bit at CK in the evening and came home to aunt danielle and ryken at our house.
saturday morning we were up early.
stella was off on a fun day with the baby sitter and friends and we were off to run errands.
oh yeah - and buy a car.
yep - jon traded in his truck and we are happy owners of a sonata again!
ahhhh - i missed that car so much.
happy everyone.
anyways - before we knew it it was party time.
and smiles everywhere!!
this was one happy kid ALL DAY!!
thank you everyone who made his day so special.
and sat out in the heat - whew - so sorry!!
dad bought him and henry matching bandannas.  lol.

by the end of the night we were all whooped.
showed danielle all about that bass - and called it a night.
lol - that's the kids' new favorite song.
that and taylor swift's shake it off.
but let's just say it's jon and i's favorite song too.  lol.

sunday morning we were up for breakfast with dad at ck.
and then we said our goodbyes to danielle and tate (and ryken) and then headed out for a birthday party.
after the birthday party we headed straight to D&O's pool.
ahhhh - it felt great.
but naps were calling everyone's name - BAD!
so we headed home and crashed.
the kids enjoyed a night out for dinner with their dad and then headed back home and crashed.
i cleaned up the sword mess all over the house.
this isn't even all of them!
this morning i was up early doing laundry and getting everything ready when S&H decided it was time to get up too.  about 5:50.  whew - so we made the best of it.
stella took control (of course) grabbed henry's favorite book and started readying to him.
and now we are off for a busy week.
jon starts school tomorrow!!
friday night birthday festivities planned for henry (TMNT movie).
and the big birthday on the 30th!  yay!
have a great week.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jon and Cassie DIY

alright so i REALLY need to make this clear.
i come up with the ideas.
jon executes.
and my goodness it works - well!
i know i still haven't given an entire bathroom update.
i am waiting on a new shower curtain to hopefully be delivered friday.
oh and it should pull it all together just perfectly.
eeeee - i am excited.
yes, over a shower curtain.
i need a life.
so anyways, on my lunch break i read blogs and pinterest.
and then send jon links.
i happened to send him this link and said - thoughts on this above the toilet?
his reply - i like it - but i would have to buy a kreg jig.
then followed up with - and i've really been wanting one of those.
ummmm - DEAL!
win win for everyone.
and before i knew it he had sent me this.
with the words - this was SO easy and took me like 10 minutes.
drilled some holes, added some rope, painted it and hung that baby up.
then it come time to figure out for to decorate it.
oh man - i SUCK at this part.
but here's the finished product - for now....
still iffy on the big leaf.
sorry about the horrible quality iphone photos.
and i promise that our walls are not blue.  lol.

so yay - happy everyone!
until the next episode of Jon and Cassie DIY.....