Friday, September 19, 2014

Things That Make Me Do A Vicki Woo-Hoo!

 it's friday!

that makes me do a vicki woo hoo all in itself!

so much other good stuff as well.
tonight i am playing glow ball.
first off, i don't golf.
i don't even own clubs.
but it's with the company i work for, and some good people, and my bff.
woo hoo i'm right there!!

other things....
and yes i sing the frozen song every time i read this.  lol.
but just letting shit go - ahhhh - it feels so good!
woo hoo!!

"picnics" with S&H make me do woo hoos.
because let's face - my kids know how to party!

jon having TWO nights off this weekend.
you have no idea how happy this makes ALL of us!

hope you have a friday full of woo hoos!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fall

i am LOVING this weather lately.
mostly because i have been drinking one maybeee two, sometimes three of these a week.
and i ain't complaining.
i have yet to try them cold.
i am SCARED.
but i have heard people say they are good.
idk if i am willing to try.
especially at $4 a pop.
jesus - that's a high price for heavenly goodness.
what is this you ask?
every white girls love.
pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks.

along with weekly trips to starbucks i have been on a new fall wardrobe kick.
which includes this outfit ...

and this outfit.

both compliments of Small Town Style.
i am really trying out a bunch of new stuff with my green vest.
i am slightlyyyy obsessed.

next up.

oh i can't waittttt!!

anyone else on board?
i broke out the tall brown boots today.
and i'm not looking back!!

any recommendations for my green vest?
help a sister out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is This Thing On?

so it's been a hot minute since i have logged into the ole blogger.
so let's just say, life has been busy.
last i left you big changes were coming.
and then BAM - no blogging for over a week.
yeah, sorry about that.
so like BIG stuff was going to happen.
let's go ahead and just do a person by person update.

still not potty trained.
dear sweet jesus, PLEASE let this boy just get it.
i am at the point where i don't even let him wear anything.
expect to bed.
and then he goes to his dad's and i swear we recreate the wheel over and over.
insert me banging my head on the wall!
oh and he had his first soccer practice last week.
ten kids.  eight girls.  two boys.
and the two boys refused to participate and cried the entire practice.
it was something else i tell you what.
on top of it practice at 8 a.m. for someone who is NOT a morning person.
i just knew it wasn't going to go good.
first game is saturday - if you can all say a small prayer that would be great.

back in school and doing well.
not saying as much about it as she did last year.
but not really saying anything bad.
so i will take that.
she is LOVING soccer.  and participating and doing good.
couldn't be prouder of this little lady!
i tell you what.

KILLING it in school.  like no joke.
100s.  As.
just doing awesome.
SO proud of him!!

and now me.
so i got another job offer.
and i accepted.
and then i told my job.
and i cried.
i never imagined it being that hard.
and then i had deep, deep, thoughts.  and talks.
with myself.  with my loved ones.  with colleagues.
and i made the decision to stay.
and i cried some more.
happy, happy tears.
communication is a good thing, let me tell you.
and i have never been happier!!
so no big changes.  lol.  which is good.  great actually!

so things have been hectic,  decision making is no joke.
and either is kids in sports.  lol.  just one sport and i feel like we are SO busy.
needless to say sundays are our saving grace.  literally.  lol.

so - yeah - that's where we are.
working.  learning.  playing.
and just being happy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

i'm alive.
i'm blogging.
it's almost been a week.
so sorry!

let's first talk about how Young House Love is taking a month long break for blogging and not sure if they are coming back.
let's just take a moment of silence for this.
you guys i am obsessed with them.
at 9:00 a.m. i read their blog.
every day.
ugh - heartbreaking.

ok, moving on to our life.
not some people i pretend i know.
but seriously, when you read someone's blog for SEVEN years you feel like you REALLY know them.  am i right?
ok, back to the post.

the steibel family got together this weekend and made apple butter.
i just LOVE doing this with the family.
friday night we headed down and did the worst part.
cleaning, coring, peeling, slicing, all.the.apples.
ahhh - i didn't know if we would ever find the bottom of this barrel.
but we did.
three of these babies later, we were ready for 7 a.m. on saturday morning.
there's sort of an unwritten rule.
you have to stir in order to get some butter.
i mean - it's only fair.
regardless of age.
ok, ok, we would like you to be able to walk and stir.
so needless to say S&H were officially inducted into the Steibel Farm's Apple Butter team.
they loved it!
seven hours later we had this.
it was worth it.  SO good!!
i had a picture on my phone from the last time we got together to make apple butter.
so we did a remake of it.
henry looks the most different.  lol.
love his little bald head.
once we got home we made some chili and a bonfire and called it the perfect september day!
man oh man - happy everyone!
sunday morning i joined jami and rachel for a morning WOD.
oh my goodness - it was awesome.
i needed it!!
then we headed out to Bass Pro and Cabela's for the day.
dad, if you are reading this, Henry and Stella would like this for Chirstmas.
we finished off the day at lacie's for some soup.
monday was a nice little extended weekend for me and henry.
we took sissy to school and then headed to his three year check up.
clean bill of health for this happy boy.
got one shot and didn't even cry.  yay!

have a great weekend!
BIG changes coming soon!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Henry - Year Three

for those of you who checked this blog a few times this weekend and were let down with no video post - i apologize.  but i am here today to deliver.
a weekend wrap up can wait another day.
besides it was a perfectly low key weekend.
exactly what everyone needed!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Five on Friday!

let's get to my top fives of the week.
hands down number one HAS to be this:
Pumpkin Spice Lattes are BACK at Starbucks.
and i've had two already this week.
sorry i'm not sorry.
psl and dark nails - come on fall!!

and right behind the greatness of psl's coming back.......
henry turning three tomorrow!
yep - the official birthday is tomorrow.
my last night with my wittle two year old baby.  tear.

soccer started this week for S&H.
while practicing in the yard early this week henry rocked it.
stella..... well, she just didn't seem to have much interest.
then last night at her first soccer practice, well, the little that they got to practice because of the rain, she was right out there.  kicking the ball around and everything.  yay!!
i mean of course soccer is much more fun when your BFF is on your team!
these two crack me up.

jon started school.
yep - tuesday was his first day and he loved it.
so excited for all of this!!
only 317 days left.  lol.

this long weekend!!
and to top it off jon doesn't have to work for the next THREE DAYS!
you guys this never happens.
i am SO excited!!

have a great weekend!
i will be posting henry's three year video tomorrow on his birthday.  so stay tuned!